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  • Jake Benson
    Greetings everyone, The Society of Marbling is an international organization devoted to the art of marbling. Our publication, the 2006 Annual, is now featured
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 5, 2007
      Greetings everyone,

      The Society of Marbling is an international organization devoted to
      the art of marbling. Our publication, the 2006 Annual, is now
      featured on the Society of Marbling website:


      This year, the publication is only made available as an electronic PDF
      file available by subscription. First published as a newsletter in
      2003, this issue of the Annual includes 49 color images, and many
      hyperlinks to websites on the Internet. Subscriptions cost $15 and can
      be paid for by printing and mailing the order form posted on the
      society web site, or using a credit card via PayPal. This eliminates
      the costly fees of sending a $US bank draft through the post for
      international subscribers.

      We are very proud of this issue for many reasons. First of all, it
      features a new format, and you will find an increase in the number of
      images that are featured.

      This includes the front cover design featuring an Arabic calligraphy
      panel by Güliz Pamukoglu that relates to a pair of exhibition reviews
      featuring her work as well as her teacher Feridun Özgören.

      Other articles include a trio devoted to a historic pattern known as
      schrotel in German, and a special tribute to the late Phoebe Jane Easton.

      A trio of articles reviews the collections of Don Guyot in Seattle,
      Washington, the Norma Rubovits in Chicago, Illinois and Frederick
      Douglas in Denver, Colorado.

      Another pair of articles feature the work of marblers Ky Lee of Seoul,
      Korea, and Renato Crepaldi of Sao Paulo, Brazil, while another pair
      review two workshops offered by Montse Buxó from Barcelona, Spain,
      held last year in Montreal, Canada.

      Finally an article by Ingrid Weimann provides an overview of the
      production and publication by her late husband Christopher Weimann,
      entitled Marbling in Miniature.

      We are VERY pleased to present these articles to you and would like to
      thank all of the contributors for taking the time to write them!

      Back issues of the Annual can still be downloaded on our web site, and
      printed copies of the 2004 and 2005 issues are available (only black &
      white). The price is $15 + shipping. Please check the appropriate
      lines on this order form, or order the electronic (PDF) version online
      using PayPal. For further information about these publications,
      please visit: www.marbling.org

      In addition, we offer an International Directory of Marblers and
      Resource Guide, available on CD-ROM in PDF format. Features of the
      Directory include: 313 listings, marbled paper collections, glossary,
      bibliography, and reference lists of suppliers, instructors, and
      periodicals. The price is $15+ shipping. Please check the appropriate
      lines on the order form.

      One new feature, a Marbling Links page, can now be viewed by visiting

      This feature was developed thanks to the efforts of our Yahoo List
      Moderator John Ang Siew! (who is also our Society of Marbling Links
      Coordinator). The page now features hyperlinks from all over the
      world for:

      Professional and Practicing Marblers,
      Educational Links and Tutorials (including movie clips),
      Marbling Supplies and Retailers,
      Other Decorative Paper Techniques,
      Links on Marbling for Children, Schoolteachers, and Families,
      nd even Marbling Novelties and Humor!
      Be sure to check it out!

      Later this year, thanks to the volunteer efforts of our Webmaster,
      Dorothy La Fara, new software will be installed to allow for easier
      maintenance of the website, and greatly enhance and expand upon the
      range of resources currently offered. Once in place, we will add a
      Question & Answer page, Online Collections Guide, and a comprehensive
      multi-lingual Online Marbling Bibliography. The last is based upon the
      life-long effort of the late Phoebe Jane Easton, and incorporates the
      revised edition of her book Marbling: A History and Bibliography,
      published in 1983 by the late Muir Dawson of Dawson's Book Shop in Los

      While we have many plans and much in store for our site, it is only
      with your help that our organization and website will further develop.
      We welcome the help of any volunteers who would like to lend a hand
      with any of the projects outlined above. In addition, we are seeking
      for a volunteer to serve as our Online Gallery Coordinator. The ideal
      candidate would be an experienced image editor who is familiar with
      using Adobe Photoshop, and the process of image toning, scaling,
      thumbnail preparation, and the editing of cut lines.

      This past year, many changes affected our lives, making this issue of
      the Annual incredibly difficult issue to produce. Due to numerous time
      constraints, we have decided that this will be the last issue of the
      Annual that we will publish. From now on we plan to focus on
      developing our website as a public resource.

      If you do not wish to subscribe to the Annual at this time, but would
      like to be stay informed of future marbling events, please send Marie
      an email message with your name, address, and contact information to

      If you know any others who are interested in the art of marbling,
      please feel free to forward this notice to other potential
      subscribers. If I may be of further assistance, please do not
      hesitate to contact me. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

      Best Wishes,

      Marie Palowoda and Jake Benson
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