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Re: [Marbling] marbling for Hand Papermaking

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  • Ginny Moreland
    Here is the information that Andrea sent last month, with her mailing address: Dear Artists, I am on the board of Hand Papermaking Magazine. Every year we do
    Message 1 of 4 , Mar 7, 2007
      Here is the information that Andrea sent last month, with her mailing

      Dear Artists,
      I am on the board of Hand Papermaking Magazine. Every year we do an online
      auction to
      help with operational costs and show off amazing works. It is about 20
      pieces that are
      really something. I would like to create a portfolio of marbled papers.
      I would have you send a full sheet. I will be assembling a fancy portfolio
      in a box - that
      will be a portion of that sheet and the rest of the sheet will be part of
      this auction item as
      well as a working portfolio � so who ever buys this auction piece will have
      a collection
      including your name and website,etc. to keep and a selection of sheets to
      actually utilize.
      Now that's exciting! If you could be so kind as to include what ever
      information you feel
      necessary to describe your work.
      A brief written description by the artist should include limit to one
      paragraph(can come
      with the sheet or as an email):

      Name of pattern or title of the piece
      Date the piece was made
      Colors and specific media use (i.e. watercolor, gouache, acrylic, sumi ink)
      The description of paper used as a support
      Brief biography or statment statement (limit 1 paragraph)

      Please send all contributions to
      Andrea A. Peterson
      756 West 900 North
      Laporte, IN 46350
      Please send sheet and info by March 10th.

      Please contact me at apeterson@... <apeterson%40col.edu> to let me
      knowif you would like to participate.

      [CORRECTED EMAIL: apeterson@...]

      thanks so much,

      Andrea Peterson

      On 3/7/07, irisnevins <irisnevins@...> wrote:
      > Can you send your address again, I will send something. I am sorry, but
      > I have been scammed for both expensive books and papers, one person who
      > seemed totally legit scammed me for a huge amount of paper, I was stupid in
      > believing they said they were associated with a company I did a lot of work
      > for, it was over 200 papers. You'd think a devious person would steal
      > something more valuable! Really, marbled paper is so easily purchased for so
      > little. One of the few bargains out there!
      > Iris Nevins
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      > Sent: Tuesday, March 06, 2007 11:21 PM
      > Subject: Re: [Marbling] marbling for Hand Papermaking
      > Hello from Istanbul,
      > I would like to send you some marbling papers. If you
      > want please give me your address and tell which
      > dimensions you prefer?
      > Sincerely,
      > Aysen
      > --- andreapaperpe <hookpotterypaper@...<hookpotterypaper%40comcast.net>
      > <mailto:hookpotterypaper@... <hookpotterypaper%40comcast.net>>>
      > wrote:
      > > Hello all,
      > >
      > > Since I am not a professional marbler I do not
      > > frequent this site. Call me old fashioned but
      > > I didn't think my asking for a marbling donation was
      > > not going to be taken honestly. I
      > > know we live in a world that can be deceitful, it
      > > didn't cross my mind that someone would
      > > scam for marbled papers. I want to thank the few
      > > that have sent marbles - some of you I
      > > have personally talked to. I have just received one
      > > from Turkey this morning before I left
      > > for school - very exciting. The online auction for
      > > Hand Papermaking will be in late April
      > > but I need to assemble portfolio. If you would like
      > > to contact me check out my website at
      > > hookpotterypaper.com and I can try to help you with
      > > your questions. I can still except
      > > marbles through the March 12th. Thank you all who
      > > have donated. Hopefully someday I
      > > can return the favor.
      > >
      > >
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