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Re: memories marbling Lucie Lapierre Album photo

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  • sixshort
    Thanks for posting those wonderful marbling memories of the hurricane. It is heartening to see how emotions can be captured in colour and form with such
    Message 1 of 3 , Jan 2 2:14 PM
      Thanks for posting those wonderful marbling memories of the hurricane.
      It is heartening to see how emotions can be captured in colour and
      form with such imagination using the medium of marbling. Please keep
      posting examples of your beautiful work for our enjoyment! Joan Ajala

      --- In Marbling@yahoogroups.com, "Lucie Lapierre" <lucielapierre@...>
      > Dear Jake
      > Few mounth passed, I had finally the time to answer your request.
      > I place four pictures of memories marbling in the album photo .
      > Those marbling papers are memories marbling of katerina hurricane
      > passed in New Orleand in septembre 2005.
      > I call those marbling ''memories'' because I received those images in
      > my thank . I observed the colors and I saw it there.
      > That happens in septembre 2005 when Katerina hurricane passed in New
      > Orleans. My theory is the gel is a mirroir and the colors are the
      > languague as the japenese or chenese language as a drawing. The
      > languague is form by the colors refleted on the gel. The marbler
      > observed the color and receive message. Sometime one message appear,
      > sometime few message appear and the marbler print the marbling
      > memory message. The universel memories travel time and space. It
      > can be your own memories from a other pass life. It also can be a
      > present memories of our present civilisation event.
      > With the memories marbling, the artist marbler work as a medium.
      > The sens of observation is request to see it and to connect to the
      > speaking event.
      > Here I saw Eole, god of the wind in the cloud.
      > Second, the formation of the tornado or hurricane.
      > Thirst, the storm pass.
      > Fourth, the calm after the storm.
      > To return to the centennial GBW Guild of Book Workers october 2006,
      > I meet your great friend Linda Rollins. She a very nice woman. I had
      > great time with her and her friend Edie Mesler.
      > As a marbler we have the privilege to share marvellous in our world.
      > Give color and joy and high emotive sensation .
      > Message send back by Linda form your appreciation.
      > ''Yes, I showed your papers to Jake. Everyone always says, "oooooo,
      > wow".'' Thank you for the qualification of those paper.
      > Those papers are three dimension marbling inspiration of the american
      > contemporain painter Jackson Pollack.
      > I have a question for you.If you can answer me I appreciate it.
      > I meet a bookbinder send by the greatest american marbler Norma
      > Rubovist. She marbled signet paper for cover the top and the back of
      > book. Do you known how I can write to her? Her email do not work.
      > I like to receive a confirmation she well received my XXI century
      > marbling paper.
      > I profite to the occasion to wish you and all member of the marbling
      > yahoogroup good holliday and all the best in the year 2007!!!
      > 2+0+0+7= 9 = 3 X 3 It will be a great year of artist world.
      > Sincerely
      > Lucie Lapierre
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