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Re: [Marbling] Bolts of Fabric

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  • Laura Sims
    Dear Jennifer, It has been ages since I ve checked emails and was interested in your request since I work in silk. I hope the following is helpful. I used to
    Message 1 of 14 , Jun 21, 2006
      Dear Jennifer,

      It has been ages since I've checked emails and was
      interested in your request since I work in silk. I
      hope the following is helpful.

      I used to marble silk for jackets. The pattern my
      seamstress designed would use the size with which I
      felt I could get optimum marbling results, 22" x 96".
      Also I continue to marble woven garment parts that a
      friend weaves, constructs and sells.
      It's that "power of limits" thing where you take the
      limitations of space,size, etc. and make them part of
      a creative solution.

      The other point to consider is the print (image) as it
      relates to application. I checked out the quilters
      treasure site. The individual seems to have used oil
      paints on his/her fabrics. Oils give a different
      visual outcome. There are types or brands that will
      allow recognizable classical patterns, but never the
      precision of watercolors (first) or acrylics (second).
      Because of their nature they can be used to create
      very organic visual/textural images.
      Back to the site...the individual is probably going
      for color and texture. Many quilters do not like to
      use classical patterns in their quilts because the
      tight,regular patterns visually dominate a quilt.
      It's use and placement have to be carefully
      So its back to image and application.

      I used to share an apartment with a quilter friend who
      came back from a trip with what I thought was some
      quarter yards of the worst marbling I had ever seen
      that happened to be oils. However, she made a nine
      patch with them cutting them in 2" blocks and
      alternating them with a dark fabric. The result was
      lovely. Now the little blocks looked like a quilt of
      different agates and jaspers.
      That was one of my most memorable lessons in the magic
      of proportion.

      I wish you well with finding solutions that fit your

      Best, Laura

      --- elpmet56 <elpmet56@...> wrote:

      > Hi All,
      > Has anyone done full bolts of Fabric? I saw some
      > Marbled yardage from
      > Italy and they had somehow figured out how to do
      > whole bolts of silk.
      > I have done yard goods but the largest pieces I ever
      > did were 45" X
      > 64" and that proves challenging even with an
      > assistent. HOW CAN THIS
      > BE DONE?!?!?
      > Respectfully,
      > Jennifer

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