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  • Jake Benson
    Greetings everyone, As part of a general effort to update the Society of Marbling web site at www.marbling.org a monthly reminder will now be sent to all of
    Message 1 of 5 , May 10, 2006
      Greetings everyone,

      As part of a general effort to update the Society of Marbling web site
      at www.marbling.org a monthly reminder will now be sent to all of you.
      Please send notices of your marbling events, such as any workshops,
      lectures, or exhibitions that you may be involved in, or know are
      taking place. This feature is not offered exclusively to Society
      members, or only events in America. It is open to all of you. Even if
      you have an exhibit in Istanbul, Vienna, or wherever, PLEASE send us
      the information.

      This past month I have seen announcements about marbling events, but
      they weren't even posted to this Yahoo Marbling Group, but other
      bookbinding lists. You can easily help yourselves by taking advantage
      of these resources. It will help fill up your class, get people to
      come to your lecture, or attend your exhibit opening if you remember to
      tell us about it.

      Compiling a common list of events is a simple way for us to promote
      ourselves and the art as a whole. This feature is easily found by the
      general public while searching Google. Many of you feature your events
      on your own web sites. Please remember to forward them to us when you
      update you own site. Also please note that these listings are not
      posted automatically. They are compiled by Mary Shilman and then
      forwarded to our web master Dorothy LaFara, who volunteer their time to
      provide this service to you. They are usually posted by the end of the
      month if not sooner. Marie Palowoda has been extremely busy but does
      plan to issue a new Annual for 2006, and last week I sent out a call
      for contributions for the upcoming issue, with a deadline set for the
      end of May for June publication. Please send copies of drafts to both
      Marie and myself jake@... and marie@...

      To contribute to the events listing please send it to Mary Shilman at
      Items must be received by the 15th of the month to be included in our
      monthly update!!!
      (note: this is getting out to you a little late this month, but please
      send along ASAP).

      If you update your own website with such information, please remember
      that we can help you promote it, and send a copy of the information
      with any relevant hyperlinks.

      Please remember that we volunteer our time and cannot accept poorly
      edited, extremely long, or incomplete content. We ask that to save
      time and for consistency that you follow the format below and these
      submission guidelines.


      Send your announcement as a Word Document attachment to an email.
      Or if you cannot do that, then please write it out in the body of your

      I'm look forward to reading all of your new listings!


      Jake Benson

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