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Re: [Marbling] one will reap what one sows

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  • irisnevins
    Quite a post, Oz! I enjoy reading them!! Iris Nevins. ... From: Oðuzhan To: Marbling@yahoogroups.com
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 5, 2006
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      Quite a post, Oz! I enjoy reading them!!

      Iris Nevins.
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      Sent: Saturday, March 04, 2006 11:28 PM
      Subject: [Marbling] one will reap what one sows

      Clapton had once, in his double trouble album,
      rephrased this situation as:

      You gotta reap,
      what you sow (ed?)

      The harvest in marbling world !

      Ebristan lies on the opposite coast of Sea of Marble,
      though I am pisces and a non-swimmer,

      adding my lack of desire
      to reach Marbling Heights ! (this one is not wuthering)
      I am pretty much happily anchored
      on the Ebrupa coast of Istanbul.

      There is no bull ! either in Istanbul,
      or in what I am going to share in full

      the relation of Fate in the light of Divine Script,
      and the consolation I happen to find
      in events unfolding themselves
      as a result of benevolent style of life

      where selfless giving counts
      and expectations are but
      a sin !

      A potential star who will be drowned in bucks,
      (not a coffee blend !)

      actually a traditional Turkish book binder friend

      who had been recommended by IRCICA www.ircica.org<http://www.ircica.org/>
      to participate in 3rd International Artisan Fair in Puerto Rico
      had called me the other day asking for advice,

      being a veteran heart winner of Puerto Ricans
      of the past 2 similar fairs ;
      once with (gunpowder) Hikmet
      and later with (spanish) Nuri;

      I was thrilled for her (oops ! the gender surfaced)
      and could not sleep a wink ,
      trying to organize my already established
      network of book arts related people,
      Casa de Libro,the universities and artist friends on the island
      whom she should meet and who on the other hand
      would have the honour of meeting
      such a talented personality ,

      a breath of fresh air in the Caribbean.

      Also the thought of SIDE EYE Marbler whom
      I have been trying to introduce in North America
      and in Puerto Rico ,

      to accompany her in this sacred

      Turkish Art Attack Mission

      with his knowledge of marbling,pigment making,ink making (one brand smells roses!)
      marbling and calligraphy tools making ,and and and .....

      his mystical Istanblues !
      from a secret quarry by the Hindukush !

      would simply be GILDING THE TULIP !

      (Lilies are out of fashion down here !)

      an unusual storm that they had ever seen.

      Alas,like anywhere else on earth,

      people are instinctively tempted
      to throw stones at trees
      which are laden with fruits !
      (not usamah)

      These two VICTIMS OF LOVE
      (of their metiers)
      should represent Turkey
      and share their knowledge
      on the island where I have been wanting to die
      since I ever landed and felt very much
      at my long lost home.

      So early this afternoon I set out first
      to visit my English teacher,Mr.Hayrettin Cete
      from my orphan school days;
      to pick up the great books he had written,
      which are to me


      no exaggeration to my praise of his work,
      as I do love the language itself,

      and I want to promote these books
      to the Turkish community living in North America
      so they have a better command and comprehension of the language
      leaving no cracks or leaks for being misunderstood
      or misinterpreting what American friends are saying to them.

      (Tom Leech had once raised my rank
      to the level of PUNSTER ! and I still have a long way to go
      to learn whatever else is left to learn,

      Nelle Tresselt gave me a good list
      to update myself while and before my kids are growing up)


      covering 35000 verbs,sayings,idioms....

      a unique and different type of dictionary

      that goes BEYOND (the surface)
      what the title actually indicates.
      A book that makes a clean break with traditional dictionaries.

      Even the English reader would be able to enjoy
      simply reading the English section
      and enjoying the use of verbs and their equivalents in their own tongue.

      And 2 volumes of

      This is the structural approach to learning English,
      and the structures cover every possible sentence
      one might want to use to voice a certain idea.

      I had my 2 children and wife along with me,
      and being in the neighbourhood of the Aqueduct,
      payed homage to the Black Sea Pide bakery,

      ringing Ingrid's ears while enjoying the delicious
      baked elongated boat looking pide
      with famous Trabzon cheese
      (which is edible only when it is baked)
      and pepperoni ....

      a divine treat,
      no swine in it....

      we happen to be moslems around here.

      On the other hand Turkey is a land of wild boars
      roaming the countryside,people would kill
      these fat-less hiper active beings for destroying their crops
      and not even eating them.
      I would not eat any,but I imagine
      these poor souls would taste different
      for the connaisseur !
      then regular pigs as they are kept in good shape and well conditioned
      from running away from the wild Turks who are chasing them.

      But as the legend goes depicted in Turkish miniatures
      or Sumerian/Hittite wall reliefs of the past
      even lions were roaming the hunting ground of Asia Minor
      at the time when we had left Central Asia
      looking for better pasture land
      and setting our felt tents in the heart of Byzance.

      Those were the days ,

      and we were on our way
      to Little St.Sophia neighbourhood
      in the safe Blue Mosque district of Constantin no police !

      to meet the STAR book binder SERRA GUNEY

      and innovative SIDE EYE marbler HAYRETTIN YANGOZ !

      The web of fate placed the recent


      on stage at the place of our meeting,
      a passage with an inflation of traditional Turkish calligraphers
      meeting the comer on both sides of the entryway,

      but Serra wisely had placed her workshop

      at the end of the hallway.

      We were happy together,
      my kids running around wild,
      even nerving one of the calligraphers,
      we talked our hearts out,
      did some artsy .....artsy gossip (fill in the blanks!)
      Planned things ,

      and it was time to leave
      for Serra to catch a bus back home,

      spent some more time with SIDE EYE
      and convinced him to go to the island.

      Though he was not enthusiastic in the beginning
      very few people can escape my motto :

      BE WISE

      I would not have left with no for an answer,
      and I did reach my goal.

      Hayrettin Yangoz was also ripe
      to go home and come back to himself.

      Myself ,having come to this neighbourhood,
      felt obliged to pay visit and extend my wits and good humour

      to the calligrapher EBRU GURU

      esteemed Fuad Baser,

      whom many people confuse me
      to look like him ( to my surprise).

      His marbling den was swarmed with people,
      me and my gang of 4
      dashed in anyway.

      He was genuinely happy to see my Band of Uygurs.

      There were some friends of him who had come from Italy,
      to coordinate an exhibition in Milan ! Italy.

      (marblarazzi ! news report)

      As I was about to leave
      and schlepp my bored and exhausted
      darling off spring,
      he bid me to stay mentioning he was expecting more guests.

      The expected guests were from


      who shared the extraordinary publications of ancient manuscripts
      and Holy Kurans that they brought along.

      It was a bliss party of chosen people
      not necessarily coincidentally there

      but after all this was the DIVINE SCRIPT
      unfolding the last curtain,

      and myself well rehearsed for any spontaneous action
      I at times stole the show,
      blabbering about the Central Asian papermaking
      and hitting the core target with the guests.

      But of course I did mention dear JAKE BENSON,

      as one of the guests was an American ;
      R.B. Davidson Mac Larren,
      Suleyman with his moslem title,who had studied Islamic Theology
      in Harvard MA and spoke Turkish,

      he was deeply interested with the Turkish English Dictionary of verbs,
      took note of the title and the phone number.

      My mission was successfully accomplished,
      though I had originally come to help my friends,

      I ended up meeting wonderful people
      at EBRU GURU FUAD's DEN.

      From 12th March on ,
      if God please,
      I will be in Chicago for a mosaic conference
      for another Turkish Cultural Invasion !

      (with all the warring states in the neighbourhood of Turkey
      still hoping to give Peace a chance in mosaic pieces)

      Then I will be in and around New York,New Jersey and Danbury !!!
      visiting Popeye who once ate sideeye ebru for kicks(insider joke)


      my version of translation from Suleyman the Magnificient's quote.


      MARBLASIA (1st Marbling Exhibition in Asia Xinjiang China)

      EBRASYA was the Turkish version.

      knock ! knock !

      any body home ?


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