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Cordial invitation to members of Ebru world in Turkey

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  • O─čuzhan
    Life is full of coincidences and related surprises. Though I tried in vain to reach this web site www.turklider.org upon dear Ingrid s recent mention , I
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 26, 2006
      Life is full of coincidences
      and related surprises.

      Though I tried in vain to reach this web site www.turklider.org
      upon dear Ingrid's recent mention ,
      I tried to google reach it -
      I was able to reach the site
      but not Ayla Makas' exhibition section
      due to internet security settings
      (either of my internet services/or the site's)

      The 1st coincidence is the founder of this site

      Mr.Bulent Senver is a graduate of the
      famous/ancient orphan school est.1873

      and had been very successful
      in Turkish-American Economical relations
      over the years.

      The 2nd coincidence is that Ms.Ayla Makas
      her presence and friendship I owe and inherited from
      a well known personality Mr.Hikmet Barutcugil

      and at one time in my life
      I had given courses in Istanbul on stained glass
      at the same culture centre (where is still sharing her knowledge)
      Cafer Aga Medresesi located to St.Sophia
      in SultanAhmet region of Istanbul.

      The 3rd coincidence is ;
      if it was not for our esteemed friends who set this group on the yahoo
      and established the Marbling Society in USA,

      despite the fact that I live in Istanbul ,
      I would not have heard of her success in the marbling world.

      (this could be an insult to injury,
      as I have claims to be a sensitive and emotional person,
      if not at times sensible !)

      The 4th coincidence is that
      although I am not really a marbler
      over the years I have grown to love and respect friends who are
      and secretly dedicated myself within my limits
      to help promote this art and at times craft
      for the sake of wonderful spirits involved in this
      and at the back of my mind
      being from Central Asia
      may be spreading it over there where this tradition has disappeared
      although the Turkish claim is still
      that is rooted there.

      Thanks to participating friends and greatly to esteemed Tom Leech,
      we were able to organize the 1st Marbling Art exhibition in China
      Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region,
      and those works are today a part of
      Xinjiang Antiquities Museum,

      and FINALLY I was instrumental in teaching some teachers
      from Xinjiang Fine Arts Academy to learn Ebru
      and be able to revive a disappearing tradition
      after many a centuries absence...

      Hikmet Barutcugil himself admitted that I am the Godfather (in terms of name giving)
      of EBRISTAN (I had actually coined up ARTISTANBUL which was created
      because my glass sponsor Schott Glass germany was giving me their new fusible glass
      which was titled ARTISTA. I thought land of ARTISTA would be ARTISTAn,
      and since I was doing my research and developement in traditional Turkish Glass arts in Istanbul,
      thus came ARTISTAnBUL : land of Artista in fusion in Istanbul)

      Might also add that I coined MARBLASIA for my Central Asian marbling research/promotion ventures
      which I coined locally as EBRASYA
      and EBRUPA as I lived on European side of Istanbul

      MARBLEOUS had followed though some others may claim for its invention,
      but internet search motors are there for checking its 1st appearance on the net)

      To honour Christopher Weimann and secure my spiritual ties to Ingrid,
      I also fused one Chris flower for her.

      I also had the honour and pleasure of collaborating with esteemed Ms.Nelle Tresselt
      who is a well known marbling collage artist.

      which is technically speaking news for many of you,
      but was exhibited in the USA many times
      and lastly in Yildiz Palace in Istanbul.

      Paperpulp marbling has been done in the USA,
      but not introduced nor further developed here in Turkey.
      Actually being a papermaker among many other things
      I believe Tom Leech should be the pioneer in this
      considerably new venue.


      1.why is there not a national Ebru society in Turkey ? (Friends in USA had set the example long time ago)

      2.why is there not a mutual/national Turkish Ebru web site?

      3.why is there not an Ebru Bulletin ?

      either on the net or better yet published quarterly/even once a year.

      4.where is the Ebru love and emotion

      5.when shall we surrender ?

      6.look what they have to my soul mom !

      cordially yours

      the EGO
      in Istanbul : EGOIST

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