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Re: pricing papers

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  • mpmh60201
    Yehuda, It s always a good idea ask what the budget is for your part of the project (one time use of marbled design). At times, I ve found that the client s
    Message 1 of 4 , Dec 14, 2005
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      It's always a good idea ask what the budget is for your part of the
      project (one time use of marbled design). At times, I've found
      that the client's budget is higher than what I would charge. Other
      times, the budget is too low to even consider doing it. It helps
      tremendously to have this information. Over the past twenty
      years, I've found that there really isn't a set price, even though
      we'd like there to be (a high) one. If this is something you really
      want to do regardless of the price, then go for it! Experience in
      this type of work is worth the effort for the next one that comes
      along. As for copyright infringement, anyone can scan your
      image, tweak it a bit and say it isn't yours. Professional scruples
      are hard to come by these days! I've had a piece of my artwork
      with marbled enhancement used by the same client who
      commissioned it in the first place. Somehow they managed a
      brain freeze, never discussed it with me, and printed it again for
      another project. Someone who knows my work saw it, called me,
      and I received AMPLE compensation after negotiating a new
      contract for the reprint. Others have not been so lucky.

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      > Yehuda-
      > in any case you should sign your sheet clearly and insist on
      getting it back when they are
      > through with it, and do everything in written form! As you
      probably remember, I am not
      > just a paper decorator but also a publisher; and I cannot stop
      wondering about the ideas
      > some publishers develop about anything but publishing work.
      > Prices can vary from one project to the next. Try to find out how
      it is usually done in that
      > publishing house/company/country.
      > An aquaintance of mine, an artist using paper decorating
      techniques, has one copy of the
      > printed book bound in exactly that part of the sheet that has
      been used for digitalising,
      > and she stores the rest of the sheet together with this 'special
      > Susanne Krause
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      > >
      > > about $500 average you should either get the sheet or make
      it clear they cannot reuse
      > it.
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      > > If someone wants to use one of your papers to create an
      endpaper for a
      > > book (an edition, that is) how much do you ask for a
      one-time use? Do
      > > they get to keep the sheet?
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      > > -Yehuda Miklaf
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