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Re: marbling with acrylics on colored fabric - need help

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  • Susa Glenn
    Thanks, Iris. Back to the laboratory.... Susa ... enough to ... are ... dense. ... general ... life of ... times I ... of the
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 8, 2000
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      Thanks, Iris. Back to the laboratory.... Susa

      --- In Marbling@egroups.com, IrisNevins <irisnevins@c...> wrote:
      > Yes.....add white to it to make it a little more opaque....not
      enough to
      > make pink. And use it as your first color so when the other colors
      > added they will condense the red spots down and make them more
      > This is just a generality and may not work with all paints. Reds in
      > are the trickiest to work with...even with watercolors. Such is the
      life of
      > a marbler....a constant struggle....but usually worth it. Other
      times I
      > feel like quitting.....then things start to work again. Just part
      of the
      > territory.
      > Iris Nevins
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