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Marbling history

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  • Jake Benson
    Tomas, There is no one single book that is really up to date , as various people are still continually exploring evidence from different regions. Our recent
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 28, 2005

      There is no one single book that is really "up to date", as various
      people are still continually exploring evidence from different regions.
      Our recent discussion of the marbled loans designed by Ben Franklin
      is an example of how we are continually reviewing and exploring this
      subject here in this group. While there are some contradictions , the
      archives of this list now contain records of a number of discussions
      that we have had on various facets of history, some maybe more useful
      than others.

      I also agree that what can be found on the internet is often highly
      inaccurate and contradictory. Publications such as technical manuals
      offer a different snippet or glimpse of historical marbling. The small
      manual published by gabriel Gr√ľnebaum is useful for the reproductions
      of the plates about marbling from the Encyclopedie Diderot et
      d'Alembert. Einen Miura has written one book that has wonderful images
      of European marbled patterns. He had been preparing a new book about
      Japanese decorative papers now for some time.

      For the last society of marbling annual, I wrote an article about
      marbling in East Asia. www.marbling.org which contains many links to
      images of early suminagashi on the internet. There are a number of
      books on Turkish ebru that offer a few images of historical marbling,
      but some of the information is now out of date. Despite this I would
      also say that there is no one single book that effectively describes
      Islamic marbling in more general terms, as most publications focus only
      on Istanbul and not other regions such as Iran, India, and Central

      One reference work that is very good for European and American history
      that you should like to see is by Richard Wolfe. It is now out of
      print, but there are copies listed on half.com


      Wolfe, Richard J. Marbled Paper its History, Techniques, and Patterns.
      Philadelphia: University of Pensylvania Press, 1990 ISBN: 0-81228-1888

      There are other wonderful books, yet the majority are unfortunately
      produced only as INCREDIBLY expensive limited editions for collectors
      and institutions, not your everyday marblers. Oak Knoll Press in
      Delware, Barry McKay Press in Oxford and Bird & Bull Press in
      Pennsylvania have produced magnificent and yet extremely expensive
      books about marbling history. Generally they can only be consulted by
      spending a small personal fortune or by visiting a good rare book
      library that keeps such a collection.

      Out of all of these I highly recommend:

      Press, 1990. This was reprinted by Oak Knoll.

      > to all marblers. I am trying to get general information on marbling
      > history in order to make a lecture on marbling. I have books by patty
      > schlicker and and ann chambers, but they have very little information
      > and
      > are ten to fifteen yeasrs old.
      > the info that I have got out the yahjoo marbling group is
      > sporatic and
      > contradicxtory. the web has a list of about fifty books on
      > marbling. does anyone know
      > which one gives the most information on marbling history? Tomas Daquin

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