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  • hamburgerbuntpapier_de
    Laura, I do not want to discourage you, but please do not put too much commercial hope in the BL, Olga Hirsch etc. While the collection is certainly
    Message 1 of 4 , Aug 24, 2005
      Laura, I do not want to discourage you, but please do not put too much commercial hope
      in the BL, Olga Hirsch etc. While the collection is certainly extraordinarily informative, and
      many of the famous fotos in the famous book are taken from items housed in the old
      cupboard Mrs. Hirsch bequeathed to the BL together with the collection, the collection is
      not a thing that is very much in the foreground in the BL. The curator of bindings and
      artists books has adopted the collection and looks after it with care and attention, but that
      is about all. Gifts from several paper decorators and researchers are rolled up and housed
      in a cupboard with reference books for want of anything else to put them. Some time ago,
      someone made solander boxes for Mrs. Hirsch's books in the collection (oh, wonderful
      books!!!! Enough for a restorer like me to get drunk on, only I am always already drunk
      from the boxes and folders of papers I had looked through before), but the BL as an
      institution has nothing in the kind of a special interest in the collection and, anyway, no
      money to do anything.
      (Don't forget, decorated paper is the world for us, but for the world it is just another of
      these exotic things)

      What they'd need is a historian-restorer-conservator-cum experienced decorated paper
      maker who is willing and able to spend a year working full time, maybe for a thesis. 'How
      to organize and accomplish the retrieval, conservation and housing of a historical
      collection of decorated papers' or something of that kind.

      As to museum shops, well, you can't but try. But don't be disappointed when you are
      turned down. There are several professional and well established marblers in England.

      Susanne Krause

      --- In Marbling@yahoogroups.com, "laurahilc" <laura@c...> wrote:
      > All your ideas are great and I am going to give it all some time and
      > thought and will probably get back to you with my further ideas. I
      > will contact people off group too as suggested by some but please
      > forgive me if I take a little time about it.
      > I have obviously shocked people by being crazy enough to want to
      > pursue an artform which is so notorious for causing back pain. I guess
      > I am just stubborn that way. The first thing to say is that I
      > generally marble on a small scale, as of course it is much more
      > physically tiring to handle large sheets of paper. I have an ingenious
      > set up at the moment in my little kitchen, with a sort of high chair
      > arrangement that allows me to marble on one side of the sink, rinse in
      > the middle and then turn to the other side to reach the drying rack.
      > My output is low, I will never be able to be a large scale production
      > marbler but I still love it. I'm in the process of moving to a ground
      > floor flat where I hope to have space for a dedicated studio. I've
      > been working on producing a large quantity of cards and also intend to
      > try and sell framed pieces. Being in London should help I hope as I
      > have access to a wide range of outlets. For example, I want to try
      > targeting the British Library gift shop, as a tie-in with the
      > collection of Olga Hirsch decorated papers which they hold.
      > My philosophy is that I only actually discovered marbling as a result
      > of being out of work because of my disability ie. something good came
      > out of something bad. My learning curve has been slow because my
      > stamina is low but I just haven't lost the marbling bug.
      > Enough self-justification I think! I'll be back in touch soon but if
      > anyone else has any suggestions I'd love to hear them. Many thanks to all.
      > Laura
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