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Marblers in UK

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  • Guffey
    Laura, Anne Chambers published The Principal Antique Patterns of Marbled Papers in 1984. At that time there were only 250 copies printed, all with samples
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      Anne Chambers published "The Principal Antique Patterns of Marbled Papers" in 1984. At that time there were only 250 copies printed, all with samples of her original papers tipped in. This is basically a collector's book, as it only has samples, no instructions.

      I do not know if she is currently living (as this was more than 20 years ago), but she was a resident of England at that time. The book was published again in paperback in 1986, this time with instructions on how to achieve the traditional patterns. This book is titled "The Practical Guide to Marbling Paper" and is available used on Amazon.com

      When searching for the title I found another book by her "Marbling on Fabric" dated 1995.

      Perhaps there is someone on the Marbler's list who knows how and if you can contact her.

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      Subject: [Marbling] travel scholarship advice

      Dear everyone

      I am writing for some advice and inspiration please! I am based in
      London in the UK and have been teaching myself marbling for the past 5
      years (although I very much consider myself still to be a beginner).
      I've read everything I can get my hands on in the British Library and
      I've been to see two British marblers, Christopher Rowlatt in Wales,
      and Sarah Amatt. They were both great and very generous with their
      knowledge .

      To learn more I am planning to apply for a travel scholarship from the
      Winston Churchill Memorial Trust. One of their categories for
      scholarships in 2006 is in the area of conservation of archives,
      manuscrips and books so it just seems like too good an opportunity to
      miss. What I'd really like to do is to have the chance to visit the
      best marblers around the world to study their methods, in particular
      how to recreate 18th and 19th century patterns and techniques and to
      get a better understanding of the chemistry of the subject.

      I am 35 years old and would really like to make marbling a part of my
      career in the long term. I use crutches due to a hip problem and
      therefore have to plan physical activity and travel with care but this
      is something that I really want to do.

      If anyone has any ideas or suggestions for what I could include in my
      proposed itinerary when I apply for the travel scholarship, I'd love
      to hear from you. Many thanks in advance and in retrospect for all the
      information I've already gleaned from reading the messages from this

      Laura Cream

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