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SABA conference- early registration extended to April 1, and new single day rate

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  • Jake Benson
    Greetings, This message is posted on behalf of The Southeast Association for Book Arts. For more information please follow the web link below or respond to
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 12, 2005

      This message is posted on behalf of The Southeast Association for Book
      Arts. For more information please follow the web link below or respond
      to Susan Hogue directly. The workshop deadline is fast -approaching,
      and participant must respond by March 22nd if they wish to participate
      in the exhibition.

      For my own part, I will be teaching a one-day intensive in Japanese
      suminagashi paper marbling which will cover both tradition and
      contemporary styles. We will work with traditional colors, including
      traditional sumi ink sticks ground on a suzuri ink stone and a
      contemporary line made by the Boku Undo company. In addition to the
      basic traditional formats, we will try different papers, experiment
      with block-out or resists, over marbling, and other mixed media
      applications. Relevant literature will also be shared.

      In addition I will present a thorough historical overview of marbling
      in East Asia, which features a truly dazzling array of images of
      suminagashi from important manuscripts in various collections around
      the world. These manuscripts feature a wide variety of applications of
      suminagashi in the context of manuscript production (the ORIGINAL
      "mixed media" format!). This presentation will include the oldest
      datable examples of marbled paper known, Heian period paintings that
      incorporate marbling, marbled paper used as a support for ukiyo-e
      prints by the 18th c master Harunobu, as well as works like the Freer
      Tale of Genji.

      Space in my workshop is limited to just 10 individuals, and slots are
      filling up.

      Also if you wish to participate in the exhibition, you must register
      and send your materials by March 22nd!

      I hope to see you there!

      Jake Benson


      The Southeast Association for Book Arts is holding its first workshop
      and conference in beautiful Columbia, South Carolina, at the University
      of South Carolina, Art Department, May 19, 20, 21, 2005.

      Workshops by:

      Julie Chen, Mills College, Calif;

      Peter Madden, Boston, MA;

      Amanda Love, Chicago, Ill;

      and 12 other regional artists teaching all skill levels in artists'
      books creations, image-making, alternative printing techniques,
      papermaking, printing, binding, digital books and writing for book art!


      A NEW SINGLE DAY RATE of $135 has been implemented to fill slots in
      some of the workshops, but these are reserved on a first-come,
      first-served basis. Just fill out the application stating which
      workshop you would like to attend.

      Conference highlights:

      -Speaker Priscilla Juvelis, Juvelis Rare Books, Boston MA will compare
      the contemporary artists' books to the works of earlier pioneers in the
      art of the book.

      -A Two Year Traveling Art Exhibit showcasing the works of workshop

      -Two buffet dinners, two receptions and a book swap/sell/trade at the
      Art Department Gallery.

      Join us for an amazing 3-day mix of ideas, creations, and forms. Go to:


      and follow the path to Southeast Association for Book Arts for PDF


      contact Susan Hogue directly at:


      Susan Hogue, President, Southeast Association for Book Arts
      Stephanie Nace, President-Elect

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