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Re: [Marbling] Re: Color Ingredients

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  • David Graham
    Chapter 14 (Technical Aspects of the Craft, III; The Colors Used) in Richard Wolfe s Marbled Paper; Its History, Techniques, and Patterns is wonderfully
    Message 1 of 4 , Feb 4, 2005
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      Chapter 14 (Technical Aspects of the Craft, III; The Colors Used) in
      Richard Wolfe's "Marbled Paper; Its History, Techniques, and Patterns"
      is wonderfully informative on a wide range of aspects of the topic.

      Dave Graham
      Estelline, SD

      On Thu, 03 Feb 2005 22:45:17 -0000, Jake Benson
      <handbindery@...> wrote:
      > Johnny,
      > There are also a number of web sites that I have found searching google. Insructions for
      > making paints can be found in many general art manuals such as Ralph Meyer's book.
      > Older marbling manuals such as those by Halfer, Woolnough, and Louis Kinder also
      > contain a lot of useful info. The latter are not readily available and you will have to go to a
      > good univeristy library- probably even a rare book collection to find the works of these
      > authors. I do hope that the Society of Marbling will at some point create downloadable
      > versions of some of the old manuals (that are no longer protected by copyright) for
      > members, but this is a long-term goal. Some recent manuals published by various
      > Turkish authors also contain some of this information, but they are mainly in Turkish, with
      > the exception of Hikemt Barut├žugil's recent books. All of these books have been
      > discussed in the past and can be found in the group archives.
      > Suffice it to say that it will require a fair bit of study for you to familiarize yourself with the
      > basic chemistry, various compositions, and applications. Much of it is 1) proper saftey
      > precautions when handling, 2) choice of pigments, binders, and dispersions (there is a
      > LOT to choose from, and it really depends on which direction you are taking, and what
      > your end-result will be), and 3) LOTS of trial and error!!! You think marbling was trial and
      > error? get ready......
      > A company whose service I have enjoyed for a number of years is Kremer Pigmente. Based
      > in Germany, they have a small store in NYC on Elizabeth St.
      > http://www.kremer-pigmente.de/
      > As far as "Sumingashi ingredients". I'm not sure if you are asking how to make sumi
      > sticks? At the last Marbling symposium in 2002, we were treated to an excellent
      > presentation by Einen Miura on ink production in Japan. He has given this presentation
      > before, so dpeending on where yu are located, you may be abelt o attend a workshop with
      > him. That said, i don't know that I could bring myself to attempt, much less master the
      > method.
      > That said, I do think that the colors on the market are a very fair price for what you obtain.
      > My own interest in this was simply a particular direction that I chose to take, and use them
      > in conservation work as well as than marbling. The experience has helped me to
      > understand a lot of how paint "works"....
      > Speaking of the Miuras.... I understand they were moving to the LA area. Does anyone
      > have their current contact info?
      > Jake
      > and --- In Marbling@yahoogroups.com, Brent Mydland <jbg78734@y...> wrote:
      > > Do any of the hardcore marblers want to tell me how to make my own colors.....also
      > looking for sumingashi ingredients too....
      > > you can always tell me off line.
      > > I will promise to try on my own too...Thanks Johnny
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