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Re: [Marbling] Re: Methylcellulose

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    glad I am not the only one with watercolor/MC woes....not that I am glad you had trouble, but glad to know it wasn t me!LOL! Marbling is so humbling! iris ...
    Message 1 of 9 , Jan 29, 2005
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      glad I am not the only one with watercolor/MC woes....not that I am glad you had trouble, but glad to know it wasn't me!LOL! Marbling is so humbling!

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      To piggy-back on Susanne's comment, I'd like to gently remind everyone that I posted a
      detailed message about the different kinds of methyl cell a few years ago...


      This was distilled from an even longer posting that I made to the Book Arts List.


      If you are using MC in bookbinding, you may want to look at both postings.

      Has anyone has used the type made by Van Waters and Rogers, and sold
      by Daniel Smith, for papermaking size. It was cheaper than some others available.

      Carol mentioned using ammoina and vinegar, which is SPECIFICALLY used for "cold-water
      dispersible grade MC", sold for marbling by Pro Chem, Earth Guild, Dharma
      Trading, and other suppliers. They don't tell you what they are selling. Most varieties are
      dispersed in hot water, and not cold. This formula has been "surface treated" for that
      specific purpose, and is a bit more expensive.

      Iris- i could never get water color to float on any kind of MC.
      Perhaps if I used photo-flo or soap ?
      tobacco leaf juice? Lol!

      As far as Martha marbling.... perhaps it will inspire younger people to have an interest in
      this? I get the feeling sometimes I'm one of the younger ones in here...


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