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Re: [Marbling] Help?

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  • Gail MacKenzie
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    Message 1 of 6 , Dec 28, 2004
      > Hello Simon,
      > You certainly did cover almost all of the possible problems that I have also
      > suffered over the past 20 years.
      > I still think that Createx airbrush acrylics are the all around best. Methyl
      > cell comes in 20 or so different types, so, you¹ll need to order it as
      > specific for marbling from a marbling supply company.
      > Soaps used to control surface tension should be as simple as
      > possible....Shaklee¹s Basic H, I find to be the easiest to control.
      > What water are you using? To avoid problems I suggest you use only distilled
      > water and make certain that everything is the same temperature.
      > Good Luck with your class. Be sure to investigate all of the possible supply
      > sources that the class archives should have available, and, you might also try
      > the American Indian custom of sage smoke all around your marbling room.
      > regards, Gail M.

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