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getting back to where I once belonged to

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  • Oguzhan
    highly esteemed friends, 5 months ago I was invited to the International Artesan Fair in Puerto Rico tried to inspire Puerto Rican artists and craftspeople to
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      highly esteemed friends,

      5 months ago I was invited to the International Artesan Fair in
      Puerto Rico

      tried to inspire Puerto Rican artists and craftspeople
      to make handmade paper from tropical plants on the island

      along with cut out petroglyph designs and islamic calligraphy
      cut out from Nelle Tresselt's beautiful marbled papers
      laminated in hand made Khotanese mulberry bark paper

      got job offers teaching papermaking and glass fusion at the local
      universities on the island,

      due to increased immigration and manpower from neighbouring islands
      the bureaucratical paperwork is now being carried on by the federal
      government offices in Vermont,
      and elections to be held in the USA
      required me to stay and wait till february 2005 or even later

      so I left the island leaving proposals for
      international marblers gathering to be held on the island,
      hands on marbling workshops to be carried in the Uni.of Puerto Rico
      and Biblioteca Carnegie,
      a seminar at the Casa Del Libro for restoration and conservation of
      old Books and historical marbling workshops (Tom Leech,Jake
      Benson,Nelle Tresselt)
      an exhibition of Turkish Art of the Book at the same place,
      an exhibition of marbled petroglyph cut outs laminated in khotanese
      handmade paper at the Advanced Study and Research Center of Puerto
      Rico and the Caribbean
      Origami by Michael La Fosse at Institute of Puerto Rican Culture

      I am grateful to Tom Leech,Judy Houghtelling,Lee Hagee,Nelle Tresselt
      and many other non marbler friends who have helped me financially
      during my stay,
      this adventure cost me more than 13ooo$ (I have all the bills !
      and the willpower to work and pay my debts !)

      This is the price of consistency and trying to be loyal to my promises
      ideals and goals,
      besides leaving my family with 2 children without any funds and not
      even communicating with them or anybody else during this period
      (how crazy I get in serving the society)

      Jake,yes they do use tarraganth gum in glueing the cigars
      but stupidly they are secretive as to telling me where they get it
      except a mention of getting it in powder form from Miami

      Right now having deleted tens of thousands e mails and clearing my
      bouncing e mail status from yahoo
      I am back
      this time I am immersed in organizing my share of an international
      mosaic conference to be held next march in the d istrict of columbia.

      and Helen Frederick gave me a date last year for an exhibition of
      Turkish Art of the Book at Pyramid Atlantic for 2007 !
      and with the speed life is slipping through my hands
      tomorrow may be the time for this.

      will give detailed info
      when I come back to myself

      for the time being
      may you all be blessed with good health and happiness

      post scriptum:

      in 2000 me and Hikmet were invited to Puerto Rican 1st Intl.Art fair
      he had made 5000$ in marbled paper sales in 8 days

      this year I had recommended Nuri Pinar Yildirim,
      and he said he sold more than 3000$ in marbled paper,post cards and
      book marks.

      in Turkey ,to get to know someone better,
      it is recommended to travel together to someplace,
      which was my intention with Nuri,
      though we stayed at the same hotel and participated at the same art
      I will not be able to tell my children that we were together on the
      because he did all his scouting on his own,without offering or
      suggesting me to come along and giving me the chance to accept or
      find an excuse to refuse
      and thus I could not share many of my friends and or knowledge of the
      island whi ch I was so willing to do

      last year I had taken Hayrettin Yangoz's marbled papers to the
      Turkish Festival in Rockville Maryland,
      as it was only a 2 day festival and with surprise rain
      not much was sold,and I had left them with Nelle
      which she sent me this year to San Juan

      Marbled papers sell well along with demonstration,
      for your information

      OZ the magic bus driver

      I might as well have gone there on my own
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