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Re: [Marbling] cheap paper for teaching suminagashi

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    Why not try some computer paper, the type fpr dot matrix, continuous, with the little pin holes? This used to work for me....it s thin like Japanese
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 17, 2004
      Why not try some computer paper, the type fpr dot matrix, continuous, with the little pin holes? This used to work for me....it's thin like Japanese paper.....USED to work, LOL!!! You'll have to try it nowadays. Other than that maybe a pack of Strathmore Writing from a stationary store. Trouble is, who knows what they buffer with these days, if they do. Another one that used to work was Eaton's Highland Linen, again a ream from Stationary store.

      Trouble is you could end up with a few reams of what won't work, but good news, you can use them in a laser or inkjet printer, they won't go to waste necessarily.

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      Subject: [Marbling] cheap paper for teaching suminagashi

      Hey folks, I've been asked to do a small sumingashi workshop here at
      USC. I wondered what people thought would be a good paper that was
      inexpensive yet worked well. I plan to demo using the traditional
      materials, grinding ink sticks on the suzuri, etc, but then have the
      class just use the Boku Undo kit, just because the time will be short,
      and it makes life easier.... unless someone has a better idea.

      while it's nice to marbled on really good Japanese papers, it's too
      expensive for the budget. I have tried various types of Chinese and
      Japanese calligraphy papers in the past, with varying rates of success-
      yet the results were nothing like a good paper. The best i found was
      a cheap paper made in hong king tat was very thng. it picked up the
      colors beautifully, but was very fragile while wet.

      I tried to search the message archives about this matter, but I'm
      having some trouble with the search engine. it seems to only let me
      search through one month, nothing more. I have to go through each and
      every month to find something.... Anyone else having this problem?


      Jake Benson

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