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  • Meg Partridge
    Thanks for the instructions and also thanks for the other hints. I have only just joined and I am taking (well trying) to take everything in. Coming into
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 25, 2004
      Thanks for the instructions and also thanks for the other hints. I have
      only just joined and I am taking (well trying) to take everything in. Coming
      into spring where I am so hoping to start putting some of the methods into



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      From: Marbling@yahoogroups.com
      Date: 08/25/04 12:23:11
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      Subject: [Marbling] Stretch Mounting Step One Nuetral Ph

      Marbling@yahoogroupsHello friends!
      I am preparing the stretch mounting instructions.
      The first step is to make sure the fabric is flat,
      usually done with an iron or put in a press.....
      A press maybe is the phonebook method per say getting the fabric flat and
      putting weight on it.
      The iron is tricky as heat is applied to fiber that has been soaked in alum.
      The alum must be removed before the heat is used as it changes the ph from
      alkali to acid or vise versa.Simply hand wash in a mild solution of Baking
      soda or soda ash.then rinse out,then put a piece of ph paper strip on the
      fabric while wet. this will tell you when nuetral.
      The reason this is done is nuetral ph means it will last as long as it can

      Papermakers strive for this......marblers have to learn this for paper or
      fiber to give it longevity the sun may fade it, the fabric may wear quicker
      So when dry the silk is ironed on the opposite side of the paint to set it

      Then put in a press till we can get to the museum mounting strategy.....
      Its all simple and whatever you have will work because you are a
      professional! You are a professional to me for trying this unknown art and
      liking it and taking time to join this group! Welcome.
      Now Lets start looking into frames, do we have one lying around? do we want
      to make on from scratch? Do we need to go to a frame store?
      I go to gaarge sales and second ,thrift store type JUST for frames! My
      favorite places are these for the thrill of the find.......Make one from
      scratch can be costly if you need to buy the clamps, wood glue, nails router
      finishing polyurathane, deffinitly worthwhile if your going to make money on
      this.If your planning an art show you will want 10 - 50 pieces to show
      people this is the art!
      so get the fabric nuetral and pick a frame, think about the colors of the
      matt board border we will use, if we use one.This can kill a sale as the end
      buyer may not want blue for their living room where they want to hang the
      art. People cant see beyond changing the matt board, if they can LUCKY for
      them they bought a piece from a pro who museum mounted the piece so it can
      be redone with ease. That is why we call it museum mount we can get the art
      out of the frame with out tearing it up.That is why we never heat set
      anything to backer board like 90% of framing stores do.
      we simply hinge the fabric to the foam backing board with ph nuetral tape.
      Simple! Professional! I am looking into more instructions but had to rush
      into this to keep the excitement flowing!
      Usually pro art supply stores have all these materials esp near
      They also have the razor graph that you can use there when you buy your
      mounting board and matt there too.
      Last we need to think ahead about placement? will it hang in the sun..
      hopefully not directly but with light.. track lighting... single lighting.
      The Glass is what I am getting at... Glass fades things its acidic....non
      glare is not but may mute the colors.Plexyglass is cheap and ph nuetral when
      place with a spacer between it and the matt board or art.
      Think about all these variables plan to make a successful project cuz we
      will! We will show the world that this is a form of painting recognized by
      the graphic artist guild as art! Priced as such! Copyrighted as such! sold
      as such! shown to all as a real mystery may the beauty be seen........
      Thanks for bearing with me, the next steps will be much clearer...
      I have not discussed these procedures for years as I have been trying to fit
      marbled tiles in the world.I have people all the time saying do the framed
      thing but I am just in another medium.The results have taken endless time
      and lessons,I am self taught, poor and humble and dyslexic with ADD, and all
      these things have come in good time as they will for you too!
      I lost a whole batch of marbled paintings on cotton when they were heat
      set with alum in them... they desinegrated..I sold them for cost and got
      back up and did it again thus learning from experience... I really needed
      the money as I was in recup status from R and D.
      I had a rare poster from a concert in 1967-1968 that was one of 40 in
      existance, I had it framed by a professional...they heat set it to backing
      board.. its still ok 20 years later but I know its ruined.Most people dont
      care how there art is framed just as long as the picture looks good.We do,
      we are papermakers or artists that stem from these aspects, These stories
      made what we have today. I hope you can all understand tis feeling.
      I must cry at the beaty of it all as i must know go look at some art of
      when I was younger...Don Guyot once called me Grasshopper and he was right.
      Don I hope you are out there and well as I owe it all to you!
      I hope you will find encouragement in all this and tell me so!
      Peace and Love
      Johnny B Goode

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