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International 'task force'

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  • hamburgerbuntpapier_de
    It is with great pleasure that I submit this summary, announcement and call= for contributions. The work will be enormous, and every kind of help will be
    Message 1 of 1 , May 20, 2004
      It is with great pleasure that I submit this summary, announcement and call=
      The work will be enormous, and every kind of help will be appreciated.
      Susanne Krause

      A standard terminology for decorated paper
      First target of an international 'task force'

      On invitation of the Buch und Schriftmuseum of the Deutsche B├╝cherei in Lei=
      pzig, a two-
      day meeting (27-28 Febr. 2004) was organised on the current topic of decora=
      ted paper.
      The 18 participants, residents from Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium and t=
      he USA,
      represented the major disciplines involved in this intriguing subject: coll=
      ection keepers,
      book and paper scientists and historians, conservators, and decorated paper=
      artists and
      manufacturers. This 'colourful' multidisciplinary group of experts offered =
      a competent
      platform for state-of-the-art presentations and fruitful discussions on bot=
      h technical and
      theoretical issues. The communications presented by the specialists reveale=
      d a fascinating
      spectrum of ongoing decorated paper projects, including new research into i=
      n the
      production process of brocade paper, the use of sample books for identifica=
      tion and
      dating purposes, a study on Oriental silhouette papers, the publication of =
      a catalogue on
      historic printing blocks, transcription and database access of recipe manus=
      cripts, an art-
      historical doctorate study on ornaments and patterns, and several conservat=
      digitisation and retrieval projects.
      The lack of an established vocabulary for decorated papers, was unanimously=
      considered a
      very serious problem, hampering progress in general and specifically in cat=
      aloguing and
      improving the access of collections. Consequently, it was decided to make a=
      t a joint effort
      to establish a standard terminology for decorated paper, covering both East=
      ern and
      Western hand made and machine made papers; co-operating as an international=
      force', the pursue of this objective may result in a fundamental basis for =
      collaboration. It was agreed that the primary focus should be on the develo=
      pment of a
      suitable decorated paper thesaurus, in which the terms of the distinctive c=
      ategories are
      unambiguously defined and presented in a hierarchical context. The attendan=
      ts of the
      meeting acknowledged that the recognisable features of the manufacturing pr=
      ocess, as
      well as the mere visual image, i.e. appearance, should play a role in the c=
      system. The ultimate list of decorated paper terms should preferably be int=
      egrated in a
      more general system for paper terminology, such as the 'Paper Terms' thesau=
      rus, issued
      by the ALA Association of College and Research Libraries (1990). Finally, w=
      e do not have to
      start from 'scratch' and shall have the advantage to build further on previ=
      standardisation attempts, among others by the International Association of =
      Historians (IPH), which erected a special subcommittee for this purpose, an=
      d the Belgian-
      Dutch Society of Students of Bookbinding, that published a proposal for an =
      standard for Western hand made decorated papers in 1994.
      The fact that a clear consensus was reached with regard to the approach cer=
      tainly allows
      confidence in the success of our undertaking. Although the enormous variati=
      on and
      complexity of decorated paper, both in its production techniques and in its=
      designs, will
      surely offer many stumbling blocks, we are determined to make a safe passag=
      e through
      this 'mine field' and are convinced to succeed in our efforts.
      We fully realise that an attempt to standardise decorated paper terminology=
      can only
      produce a generally accepted result, if a broader circle of interested and =
      individuals is able to offer input. Therefore, any reader who can make a me=
      contribution to our enterprise, or give support in any other way, is kindly=
      requested to
      address the contact person indicated underneath.

      Dr. Henk J. Porck
      Curator Paperhistorical Collection, Koninklijke Bibliotheek, National Libra=
      ry of the
      P.O. Box 90407, 2509 LK The Hague, The Netherlands
      tel. +31703140572
      fax. +31703140655
      HYPERLINK mailto:henk.porck@... henk.porck@...
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