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  • Barbara M Hammond
    Pamela, Have you tried, photo development trays, available locally from your Photo store, or from 3/M Co.? This route is kind of expensive though? Depending
    Message 1 of 3 , Mar 25, 2004

      Have you tried, photo development trays, available locally from your Photo
      store, or from 3/M Co.? This route is kind of expensive though?
      Depending on the size you are looking for jelly roll pans from the Container
      store, work well about $5 each. One year we bought several, for our
      University's Arts Festival, so that more students would have the opportunity
      to come up to the table and have a positive experience of making their own
      marbled paper. Drying them and making arrangement to take them was a
      different story, especially on a windy day, (remind me to recount that story
      one day).
      This turned out to be very popular indeed, and a lot of work for me and my
      Depending on how much time you have, another thought is that in a pinch you
      might borrow a few trays for the weekend from other artist in the area.
      Also there are the makeshift (in a pinch) picture frames lined with cut to
      fit painter's plastic drop cloth. Just be sure to stapled, or tack it down
      to the top of the frame, so that there is no slippage, and remember it
      cannot be moved until you're done. Sounds like I been a few pinches myself
      doesn't it! I have!

      Let me know if I can help! I have probably made every mistake in the book.


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      Jake -- just to let you know -- the attempts to substitute the marine epoxy
      (which Loews did not have nor local paint suppliers) for the marbling trays

      failed -- so DH finally located some at a local marine dealer ( 40 bucks a
      quart! - my four wooden trays are now up to a grand investment of nearly
      $200) and
      is resanding/recoating today, so finally! I might have some wooden marbling

      trays, too late for this week's "marbling marathon with friends" -- we'd
      to have trays for watercolors and acrylics -- yeah, we began this project
      weeks ago. I feel my credibility slipping. I thank you so much for your

      Yes, I consulted every marbling "book" I could find at the local library -
      about six of them - but trying to find & purchase what works or is
      to work has been an education of its own. For those interested, do not
      polyacrylic over acrylic latex enamel, it does not work. Oh, it painted up
      just fine, but after curing and filling trays with water for leaks &
      next morning went into studio only to see the polyacrylic (not the same as
      urethane) had bubbled and was chipping (just like you said, Jake). So!
      with its coat! IF I get trays that actually "work", I'll give some
      consideration to writing a "short subject" of how to make a marbling tray
      (or at least how
      to coat one or not coat it) and post it to the files herein. Something like

      that would have saved me an incredible amount of wasted time this past week
      not to mention the friction to my spirit.

      I am a stupid newbie, just trying to learn how do another artform for myself

      that I love so much . . I've been trying to hear you . . . . I "have"
      the books. . . . . I "have" consulted the archives . . I am either missing
      boat, or haven't connected with messgaes that will really help me make good
      marbles on paper that works, with paint that is vibrant and combing/raking
      that gives smooth clean edges. I "have" taken a marbling class with a
      professional (yes, I need to do more of that -- In fact, I am registered at
      in June/July to study with M. Schleicher for two weeks -- and before I get
      there, my goal is to know enough about marbling to make the most of the

      I'd like to publicly thank Peggy, Iris, Milena and Jake for their helps
      off-list -- you've given generously of your time and I am grateful. . . .

      I'll be happy to increase my historical knowledge, visit travelling art
      exhibits, subscribe to trade publications, etc., but to be honest . . . .
      now, for this moment in time, in my little corner of the world . . . . . I'd

      settle for just turning out a few good quality prints for use in other arts
      love . . . . . and I'd like to do that in Acrylic . I need a litle more
      In reality, there in precious little information published about marbling
      with acrylic on paper. I am working in paper.

      Come out of Lurkdom, you other newbies and tell me I am not alone here. Oh,

      where is the comfort? . . . . head crashes to the keyboard in violent
      sobbing. . . well maybe throwing things & screaming. . . . . . no, actually,
      just the
      tenacity and dogged determination to do or die! I can see this endeavor is

      going to take a very long time. . . and I
      be successful.

      With entertainment for the week,
      Mimi of Cardinal Creek Studio
      ~~~"Life, and the world, and mine own self are changed, For a Dream's

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