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EBRUPA- ebru on europe-side of Istanbul

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  • Oguzhan Tugrul
    John Goode from watermarktile.com asked me if ebru was popular in Turkey, if popularmechanics is still around, than ebru is that much in
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 21, 2004
      John Goode from watermarktile.com asked me if ebru was popular in Turkey,
      if 'popularmechanics' is still around,
      than ebru is that much in popularity.

      since two or three decades it is on the rise ,
      Hikmet has an undeniable share,
      but naturally we do not have a
      one tree forest here;
      there are o t hers and masters.

      what is seemingly missing now is
      a local ebru society
      and an ebru magazi n e.

      (because we have Cosmopolitain,Playboy,National Geographic to name a few
      IN TURKISH !)

      this place could be a mecca for marbling artists !

      we have all the ingredients,
      and no soup is made !

      a friend of Tom Leech,a librarian,is in Istanbul
      I was taking her around to meet some marbling artists
      or also other traditional artists.

      when we were going to visit Mr.Fuad Baser
      the calligrapher and ebru master,
      I was drawn into a new passage with little shops/workshops
      in the Little St.Sophia Mosque-district,
      (have you seen the big one ? St.Sophia?)
      which has become a traditional art centre
      with the Hoca Ahmed Yesevi Foundation
      just across the mosque.
      In the passage to my surprise I met Hayrettin Yangoz;
      a marbler and supplier of marbling and calligraphy essentials,
      who had just rented a space there.
      he has a yahoo group : ebrucu in Turkish

      coming out of the passage,
      a young lady was calling me by name;
      gifted book binder Serra Guney ,who was at Arrowmont,
      has her workshop also here.
      across her workshop was a calligrapher.

      He had used egyptian papirus
      for traditional turkish art/calligraphy !
      which I personally am protesting nationally,
      not because papirus is bad paper,
      but we have found out that turks make handmade paper
      so logicallyspeaking,
      traditional turkish arts should better be applied onto
      traditional turkish hand made paper
      to make it more authentic !

      to me,it is not convincing on egyptian papirus,
      if turkish paper is available.

      If I am not mistaken Tom Leech was the first one to marble
      traditional turkish paper at the Folklife Festival 2002 in DC,
      and Nelle Tresselt was the second,
      and Hayrettin Yangoz was the 3rd to marble,

      results were good.

      after traditional destractions and tea stopovers
      we were able to reach Fuad Baser
      whose calligraphy and ebru studios
      were only 13 yards away.

      Our american librarian guest
      was treated to a demonstration by the master,
      (one thing I like about my countrymen
      is their genuine hospitality and generousness with their time,
      in america time is very minutely used,and planning is involved in decisions
      and nobody has time just like that,
      at times I feel like
      america is like a huge answering machine
      that one talks into -and the people you want to reach
      listen to your message while they have the option to talk back
      ready....i may be mistaken,yet)

      I also informed our guest of Cafer Agha Madrasah -right next to the big St.Sophia Mosque-museum,
      with traditional art courses.
      Ayla Makas is teaching marbling,
      and Efdalleddin calligraphy,
      and I used to teach stained and stucco window making.

      This reminds me we should have a list of
      libraries,museums,collections with marbled works
      or things of interest for the book and paper artists
      and workshops or galleries of ebru artists
      marked on a map of Istanbul
      to treat our visitors.

      Beki-David Almaleh are also on Ebrupa side of Istanbul,
      who are both professional in that you can come across
      their work all over Istanbul and abroad.

      In the Sahaflar Book market next to the Grand Covered Bazaar
      there is Turan Turkmenoglu,who has an ebru book to his credit
      with rich bibliography -only natural since he is a book expert
      he sells calligraphy supplies,and treated paper.

      I feel I am not responsible for the EBRASYA ebru+asia side of Istanbul,

      but MARBLASIA is still in the process to be held in Xinjiang NW China.

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