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Turkish Ebru artists+masters :AMELIORATE !

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  • Oguzhan Tugrul
    esteemed friends, I would like to think that this is the only (to me ) online international forum (expressing gratitude to the list founders !) where some
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 15, 2004
      esteemed friends,
      I would like to think that
      this is the only (to me ) online international forum

      (expressing gratitude to the list founders !)

      where some Marbling Society members
      and non-members (yet!) can communicate.

      Last year I sent information on Yavuz Tiryaki's book
      which claimed no article to have been published on Ebru
      in the past 6 or 7 decades ! in Turkey.

      We are already in the 3rd month o f the year 2004,
      when will ebru be officially recorded in Turkish archives
      where it is said to be at home
      at the shores of sea of Marble (Marmara Sea)!

      I would consider myself immature to attempt this
      in terms of marbling,
      but we have enough candidates
      internationally acknowledged masters of the metier.

      Somehow I also believe
      it is the responsibility of those masters
      to further promote and inform the interested marbling world
      on what is happening locally in Turkey,
      and this yahoo group seems to be a perfect place to do this kind of data exchange,

      Thanks to Marie Palowoda,
      and whoever is helping her

      we have a bulletin

      which in near future might be a monthly magazine
      with pin ups of the masters ! works as centerfolds,

      and at a time when Ms.Phoebe is
      parting from her Ink andGall collection
      (which Turkish libraries should have bought for their archives!)

      it is very meaningful indeed.

      What a shame we never had a similar magazine
      in Turkey for the past couple of hundred years,
      or a society of calligraphers,
      since Ottomans boast to have the best calligraphers
      for ages ...

      and instead of inviting world marblers to join our
      centuries old Ebru Society ,
      (there was none !)
      we ended up joining our friends in the USA.

      Our American friends are better organized,
      to find the common denominators they have come up with standards,
      and they take life and what they do seriously,
      contemporary and scientific...

      Recent marbling exhibitions in Istanbul:

      Osman Shimshek ,is self taught,does oil marbling on canvas and textile.

      The exhibition was at Istanbul Municipality CRR Gallery.
      Famous fashion designer Cemil Ipekci had a small fashion show
      using marbled textiles,
      Fuad Baser,Ayla Makas,Yilmaz Enes were some marblers I could see.

      By the way Osman's marbled designs are the same as Hikmet's once original Barut marble,
      so there is not much of a monopoly of design left for the time being.

      The other exhibition is at www.ircica.org
      at the Yildiz Palace,
      Miss Eda Ozbekkangay will be exhibiting her works,
      Fuad Baser told me that she was related/grandchild of someone from the Ozbekler Tekke,
      a dervish order famous for marblers in Uskudar -asian side of Istanbul.

      Since none of you will attend,but for the sake of archives:
      at a conference organized by Marmara University,
      Mr.Ahmet Yuksel Ozemre will present a paper on
      'The Art of Ebru in Uskudar' Scutary:english version

      The title of my message :
      AMELIORATE is a new word that I learned,
      and if I do not use the new things accumulated
      they tend to be forgotten !

      It means TO IMPROVE ...
      and Turkish Ebru world
      may need fresh make up
      on the old face
      or a new uplift !

      if we donot practise healthy criticism of ourselves,
      the distance between us and the world is growing
      due to lack of dedication,devotion,and surrendering love !
      add to that indifference by the pound !

      where is Turkish ebru ?


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