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R: [Marbling] The making of colour for marbling

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  • ElizabethOrme
    Thank you very much for your rapid reply. I ll try! Elizabeth ... From: irisnevins To: Sent: Tuesday, April
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 25, 2000
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      Thank you very much for your rapid reply. I'll try!
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      Sent: Tuesday, April 25, 2000 4:28 PM
      Subject: [Marbling] The making of colour for marbling

      > Elizabeth.....
      > I don't know what atragant gum is....gum tragacanth? Seems to me you maybe
      > don't have enough "wetting agent" ie.ox-gall. Try alcohol. Forget the
      > ox-gall until later as a dispersing agent as needed. Most alcohols will
      > work, use them sparingly.
      > It is hard to advise generically on paint making, as every pigment (and
      > every form of it...or whether it's pure or has filler of some sort) has
      > distinct chemical and physical properites. I have to treat each
      > differently. There is no one marbling paint formula. I have spent over two
      > decades fine tuning the process and am not finished yet, and sometimes it
      > can drive me mad! Since it is my livelihood.....well I keep at it through
      > the difficult times.
      > I do not use any color enhancing agents. My paints (at least the water
      > based ones) are geared towards the ability to attain a certain look....the
      > look of early papers, deep but a little muted. Not all marblers care for
      > this, and those who want a more intense color can use a paint such as
      > Colophon sells. I don't even know of any color enhancers, but maybe they
      > are out there.
      > Also a big mistake is using too much pigment, thinking you will attain a
      > deeper color. Pigments all have differing specific gravity, and if the
      > solution is very dense, it becomes heavier than the size bath, and the
      > color, while it may look intense on the bath ...by the time you lay the
      > paper, it has begun a slow sinking towards the bottom, and the color comes
      > up pale on the paper. Try the alchohol, and maybe less pigment this may
      > work.
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