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[Marbling] The making of colour for marbling

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  • irisnevins
    Elizabeth..... I don t know what atragant gum is....gum tragacanth? Seems to me you maybe don t have enough wetting agent ie.ox-gall. Try alcohol. Forget
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 25, 2000

      I don't know what atragant gum is....gum tragacanth? Seems to me you maybe
      don't have enough "wetting agent" ie.ox-gall. Try alcohol. Forget the
      ox-gall until later as a dispersing agent as needed. Most alcohols will
      work, use them sparingly.

      It is hard to advise generically on paint making, as every pigment (and
      every form of it...or whether it's pure or has filler of some sort) has
      distinct chemical and physical properites. I have to treat each
      differently. There is no one marbling paint formula. I have spent over two
      decades fine tuning the process and am not finished yet, and sometimes it
      can drive me mad! Since it is my livelihood.....well I keep at it through
      the difficult times.

      I do not use any color enhancing agents. My paints (at least the water
      based ones) are geared towards the ability to attain a certain look....the
      look of early papers, deep but a little muted. Not all marblers care for
      this, and those who want a more intense color can use a paint such as
      Colophon sells. I don't even know of any color enhancers, but maybe they
      are out there.

      Also a big mistake is using too much pigment, thinking you will attain a
      deeper color. Pigments all have differing specific gravity, and if the
      solution is very dense, it becomes heavier than the size bath, and the
      color, while it may look intense on the bath ...by the time you lay the
      paper, it has begun a slow sinking towards the bottom, and the color comes
      up pale on the paper. Try the alchohol, and maybe less pigment this may
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