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[Marbling] wierd chemistry

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  • irisnevins
    We just have to muddle along and see what works best for us. I hope to have a good, if not perfect, solution by next week. I go to sleep and dream of paper
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 14, 2003
      We just have to muddle along and see what works best for us. I hope to have
      a good, if not perfect, solution by next week.

      I go to sleep and dream of paper these days, can't get it off my
      mind.....Classic Linen will do a run of 40,000 sheets of the prior
      formula....hmmm....it took the colors so well! Wonder what the cost would
      be! It would solve the problem for a long time, but I am afraid mice would
      get it....how would one store it!!

      Iris Nevins

      Message text written by INTERNET:Marbling@yahoogroups.com
      Thanks all for your good thoughts on the paper problem.

      Iris, yes I do use acrylics, so we may be comparing apples to oranges here.

      But to comment on your other points, I make both laid and wove papers. I've

      never considered the surface texture of my papers to be pronounced enough
      affect the designs one way or another. But the screen I use has nothing to
      do with
      the composition of the paper. Because of the sizing I use (yes, alkylketene

      dimer) the paper is very NON absorbent.

      On the subject of AKD, I've been experimenting with using a solution of AKD

      and water as a mordant in place of alum. The results are encouraging but
      premature to make any pronouncements about, but at least it gives me reason
      to think
      that AKD wouldn't be the factor working here. But then again, acrylics are
      not watercolors.

      We all know that marbling is such a sensitive proposition. Change one thing

      and it all goes to hell on you. So yes, we could all switch to unissued
      but that sure would limit the wonderful innovation going on in the field
      right now. I think it's great we have this forum to discuss our problems,
      but the
      exciting thing about marbling is that what works for one doesn't work for
      another. It is such an individual and unique undertaking.

      One of my reason for being a papermaker is that, in my earlier years, I was

      an offset printer and literally handled millions and millions of
      made papers. Regardless of what the manufactures claimed or the marketers
      trumpeted, all of that stuff was pretty much the same chemical and
      dead-tree soup.
      As you all realize, they aren't in business for marblers. I've always liked

      the paper-reps I've met, but I also place them next to used car salesmen
      when it
      comes to getting a straight story out of them. (I hope that doesn't offend

      FYI, other than my own handmades, I'm now marbling on Arches Text Wove
      (although I think it is gelatin sized and I get a really stinky odor from
      it when I
      alum it) and Strathmore charcoal papers. But with the Strathmore papers I
      notice a difference between the colors, so usually stick with the whites
      creams. Some years ago I also noticed a change in the way the paper worked
      placing a big order for a job), on to find out that Strathmore had changed
      mills for that particular sheet. The rep wasn't particularly concerned for

      Oh well, it's late and I gotta go. Again, good luck.

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