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  • sixshort
    -Hi Susanne, Come to Australia! It s a great place to visit. We try to keep it a secret, but let a few people in on it. There are many people here very
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 6, 2003
      -Hi Susanne, Come to Australia! It's a great place to visit. We try
      to keep it a secret, but let a few people in on it. There are many
      people here very interested in paste papers. Di Harris recently gave
      a weekend workshop for the Gold Coast Calligraphic Society, at which
      several marblers were present. Vi Wilson, whose marbling most
      international marblers are familiar with, gave a similar workshop
      some years back - she makes beautiful paste papers. In Melbourne I
      know of at least one marbler (Robert McLaren, who attended the 2002
      IMG) and several bookbinders who regularly make pastepapers. I
      suspect that many marblers also dabble in pastepapers, but
      unfortunately don't have time to do both really well! Time, our
      sometime friend and sometime enemy. By the way, I really enjoyed
      your translation of the Rilke poem. Good to have a bit of lateral
      thinking on this chat line. Joan Ajala-- In
      Marbling@yahoogroups.com, "hamburgerbuntpapier_de"
      <hamburgerbuntpapier@t...> wrote:
      > As the exciting dates accumulate on my screen, I think I'll dare to
      > some of my own:
      > I've been working my way through all the back messages during the
      > weeks and have not found a single trace of a paste paper maker,
      what a
      > pity! Marbling and paste paper making are certainly not twins, but
      > the same family, so every specialist should know about the basics
      > the other technique.
      > My classes are rather international this year - well, as
      > as can be expected for a Northern European - so maybe some of you
      > adventurously minded and would like to get acquainted with
      > European paste paper techniques and are here at the right time...
      > Hamburg, Nov. 8th and 9th
      > London, Nov. 10th
      > Ascona, March 10th - 12th
      > Vienna (maybe, not definitely fixed yet)
      > Hamburg, May 8th - 9th
      > Contact me personally if you're interested, I'll give you
      > Susanne Krause
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