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Ancient Khotan Paper and revival of traditional Turkish handpapermaking

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  • Oguzhan Tugrul
    Ancient Khotan Paper : since 3rd century AC paper from mulberry tree barks have been made in the oases of Khotan,Turfan,Loulan,Dunhuang what is today Xinjiang
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 3, 2003
      Ancient Khotan Paper :
      since 3rd century AC paper from mulberry tree barks have been made in the oases of Khotan,Turfan,Loulan,Dunhuang
      what is today Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous region NW China.

      Research on Khotan Paper:
      Ms.Elaine Koretsky,founder of The Research Institute of Paper history and Technology,Brookline MA,
      filmed The Last Papermakers on the Silk Road ,nov.1993,(video on sale through Carriage House Paper)

      Mr.Peter Tschudin,researcher at the Basler Papiermuhle - Papermill of Basel ,coincidentally went to Khotan same year,
      published :Der letzte Papiermacher der Taklamakan-The Last Papermaker of Taklamakan.1994

      Mr.Oguzhan Tugrul,an Uygur glass artist/researcher,documented an 80 year old papermaker outside Khotan,
      WorldPaper invited him to the 20th Dard Hunter Gathering in Jiminy Peak.MA to show the film.2001 october.

      Ms.Alexandra Soteriou,president of WorldPaper,published :Gift of the Conquerors:Handpapermaking in India 1999 Mapin Press.

      Mr.Jonathan Bloom,art historian,published :Paper before print :The History and Impact of paper in the Islamic World.(Yale uni.press 2001)

      Ms.Jane Farmer,president of Paperroad Tibet,was assigned by the Smithsonian Institution to curate the Papermaking
      from Japan to Italy for the 36th Folklife Festival in Washington DC.
      Uygur papermaker was brought to demonstrate beside Chinese,Japanese and Italian papermakers.2002 june-july

      Craft developement programme for traditional Turkish handpapermaking :

      In present day Turkey and Central Asian Turkish states this ancient craft has almost disappeared,
      and it became our mission to revive this craft first in Turkey ,and once the threat of SARS is over,
      carry the project to Xinjiang,Kazakstan,Krygyzstan,Uzbekistan,Tadjikistan,Turkmenistan,Azerbaijan,
      once blooming centres of papermaking and its trade along the Silk Road.
      The aim is to try to bring handpapermaking to levels of neighbourhood countries like India,China,Tibet,Nepal,Japan,....

      We do not have any sponsors to help us with this project,
      my mom says all the time : Son,if you have finger nails, you can scratch your head!

      I decided to sell Khotan Paper
      which were actually meant to be published -wood block printing ! as a small booklet on :History of Khotan Papermaking

      Though I have a limited amount,the money will be channeled in to
      teaching and learning traditional and contemporary papermaking in all its facets executed elsewhere by papermakers,
      and impart thus acquired knowledge and experience to above mentioned countries.

      Since knowledge has a priority I am also ready to barter paper
      for pulp sheets,pulp pigments,mould making supplies, fibers,
      additives,books (that we do not have!) on paper and book arts for the project library.

      These papers have been used for centuries by calligraphers,
      we have successfully marbled with marbling collage artist from Danbury CT,Ms.Nelle Tresselt.

      Paper collectors,librarians,art historians,paper artists or other individuals or institutions interested in paper
      may contact me by e-mail .

      Sheets by Raziye Han, Ms.Elaine Koretsky's papermaker is 44 x 39.5 cm approx.
      Sheets by Tohtu Baqi,Ms.Jane Farmer&my papermaker is 35 x 39.5 cm. approx.(he came to Washington DC !)
      each sheet is 5$,and purchasers will be recorded as donors for the archives of the project.

      I have left some samples at New York Central,other samples at the Smithsonian Institution,
      Ms.Jane Farmer from Paperroad Tibet may have some,or Pyramid Atlantic,Dard Hunter Friends..

      Finally ,I hope this message is not interpreted as a commercial advertisement,
      since our intentions are familiar to some friends on this or other lists,

      Last note : An article by Michael Durgin on the 36th Smithsonian Folklife Festival appeared in september 2002 issue
      of Bull&Branch - Friends of Dard Hunter Society newsletter.
      also january 2002 issue had one article by Ms.Winnie Radolan on the 20th conference 2001 in Jiminy Peak.

      THE LATEST: Handpapermaking magazine summer issue will print the article on Khotan Paper www.handpapermaking.org

      cordially yours,
      The last Khotanese !

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