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Thomas D'Aquin's donation to Xinjiang Marbledworks Collection

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  • Oguzhan Tugrul
    Dear Friends, I received from Mr.Thomas D Aquin his kind contribution of marbled works to be added to the collection of marbled works in Xinjiang Museum of
    Message 1 of 1 , May 27, 2003
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      Dear Friends,
      I received from Mr.Thomas D'Aquin his kind contribution of marbled works
      to be added to the collection of marbled works
      in Xinjiang Museum of Antiquities in Northwest China.

      I had presented the other 60 works ,some of which were collected and handed to me by Mr.Tom Leech,in october 2001
      in presence of Ms.Jane Farmer,president of Paperroad Tibet,in april 2002 in Urumchi Xinjiang
      to Mr.Niyazi Kerim Xarki,vice director of Xinjiang Calligraphers Society,
      to be exhibited in Xinjiang Fine Art Academy Gallery and then to be handed to the Museum Authorities.

      Mr.Xarki ,had called me and mentioned that the exhibition was organised.

      I had asked for posters,invitation samples and media coverage of the exhibition,
      as it happens to be the 1st exhibition of Marbled artworks in China general.
      Unfortunately I have not received any data that I could share with
      our highly esteemed participating contributors.

      We hope to establish better communication ties,
      please bear patience with the current situation.

      And the notorious SARS virus has caused closing down of the Chinese borders,
      and presently communication is at its lowest level.

      Nevertheless,I would like to extend my gratitude to Mr.Thomas D'Aquin
      and of course to the other friends whose names I had previously mentioned on this list,
      for his and their generous contribution in reviving marbling arts in Central Asia,

      Since 1999 I have been trying to promote marbling arts,
      in the academic circles of Xinjiang,with help from Mr.Hikmet Barutcugil,
      when we were in Urumchi with Ms.Jane Farmer in april 2002,
      we witnessed the first successful attempts of marbling
      by Mr.Abduxukur Kerim,painting professor at the Xinjiang Fine Arts Academy.

      The seeds are sown,and we will all see what we can reap at Marblasia !

      Post Scriptum

      Thanks to Ms.Marie Palowoda and Ingrid Weimann,
      I am presently digesting the Newsletter ,
      and eating my heart out at what I have missed at the Arrowmont Gathering !

      sincere regards to each and all of you,

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