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marbled Khotan papers !

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  • Oguzhan Tugrul
    Dear Tom, the 1st contemporary marbled handmade paper I fortunately saw was Ms.Marjorie Tomchuck s artwork at the 4th Intl.Marblers Gathering in
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 20, 2002
      Dear Tom,
      the 1st contemporary marbled handmade paper I fortunately saw
      was Ms.Marjorie Tomchuck's artwork at the 4th Intl.Marblers Gathering in Istanbul.

      then you blessed me with your handmade paper
      fine art and challenging in marbling technique,

      after the Folklife Festival,I spent some time at Nelle Tresselt's
      FineLine Marbling Studio Danbury-CT,
      we marbled Tohtu Baqi's -Uygur papermaker from Xinjiang - mullberry bark papers,
      I liked the result of this experiment and it can lead to other trials and solutions,

      handmade paper seems to me to have more spirit ,
      texture and form can be manipulated leading to 3D graphics !

      (if I may interpret Ms.Tomchuck's Dard Hunter Keepsake piece under 3D graphics?
      it was paper made on a mould and then marbled :
      the light on relief marble - to me - gave life to the artwork (still does !)

      by the way ,unless you or Feridun Ozgoren marbled Tohtu Baqi's papers
      in Washington during the Folklife Festival ,
      can I assume that me and Nelle are the first (2nd?) to marble Khotan papers?

      Istanbul has an Ebru Art supplier now !Our friend sells tarraganth gum,trays,horse hair brushes,pigments,ox gal, drying racks..
      He is a student of Fuad Baser,running a hardware-paint store,
      and the neighbourhood is full of marbling masters,artists and
      culture centres with courses on Ebru.

      I got some cadmium red -somehow after those mails in the group
      I had an appetite for some artistic self destruction.

      At times I feel like a martyr of Art,
      I once etched my thumb with fluoric acid while etching calligraphy on flash glass,
      the brand new dishwashing glove had a hole,and I was dipping my hands in the acid bath.(In USA one may think of sueing the glove company but not much protection here)

      Deep down I wish we have the same regulations that you friends have,
      I wrote this line for the previous mails complaining about rules..
      I have probably a lot of lead,sand and glass dust,and many toxic fumes deposited
      along the years despite the fact that I am aware of the health hazards and protection rules...
      In the oriental chaos of no regulations
      survival is a matter of coincidential existence,
      we will never know what hit us !

      last week there was a demonstration in front of the Italian embassy
      demanding that they take their toxic waste that they dumped on the black sea coast nearly ten years ago -we are still sitting on this garbage
      and not having the proper means to store them they have been contaminating
      ever since they landed.

      if some pigments are toxic ,so what ?
      we will be victims of our love...

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