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      > Jill,
      > I'm new. Started marbling in early 1970s. While in Library School at
      > UT-Austin, I started admiring marbles. I found a day-long class at
      > Laguna Gloria Art Museum taught by a fellow whom I think was there to
      > collect his money, schmuze with the art crowd, and leave. It was a
      > pleasant class. Under his concert we made several patterns and
      > listened to whatever he said. But the next day at home I realized he'd
      > said nothing useful about how to get materials and equipment, make
      > size, select paper, adjust the colors. So I set out upon marbling.
      > Eventually I got some instructions and moss from TALAS. I still have
      > some brown sacks with old moss in them. One day I ought to boil 'em
      > up and see if the soup still works. Shortly later I taught my new son
      > his colors by marbling.
      > I usually make acrylics, but have dabbled in suminagashi. I'll trying
      > watercolors next.
      > I've never tried to go professional. I just make a few pretties (and
      > a few uglies too) occasionally. I did start a bibliography to
      > accompany classes; in those days good information was hard to find.
      > The list was limited to books with English language instruction or
      > information. It really ballooned in the 1990s.
      > When I started buying the moss dust in the art shops I really felt
      > guilty. Maybe my favorite set of colors occurred one hot summer here
      > in Houston in the garage when I unintentionally used together the
      > sherbert colors orange, lime, and lemon. It cools me and flavors my
      > tongue just to think of them.
      > I'm a native East Texan and a librarian at Houston Public Library.
      > Will
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