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oil marbling

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  • tomasaquinas2000
    ... started working on the site. in a couple of weeks it mat be complete ... (the ... experienced ... have
    Message 1 of 4 , Nov 27, 2002
      > hello marblers:
      > try www.oilonwater.com for something different. I hav e just
      started working on the site. in a couple of weeks it mat be complete
      > tomas D'aquin
      > -----.-

      > To: <Marbling@e...>
      > Sent: Saturday, September 02, 2000 5:08 PM
      > Subject: [Marbling] Intro of me and a Q!?
      > Hi all you marbeles people!
      > I`m hereby introducing myself: i`m 27 years of age and beeing a
      > bookbinder by profession I use marbled paper for endpapers, covers
      > and
      > so on... I have some experience in marbling with "karragen-mose"
      > norwegian spelling) but I mostly buy my marbled papers.
      > Soon I´m supposed to teach a class of art students (introductory
      > class)
      > a bit about marbling, and I´d like to demonstrate this with the
      > use of
      > MC as the size and oil-painting as the colours. I am well
      > in creating all the trad patterns in the traditional tech, but I
      > no experience whatsoever using MC and oil-colours.
      > MY Q TO YOU ALL: please give me some hints on your experience with
      > this
      > type of marbling tech. Any information you have on this topic is
      > relevant. Especially the chemical part. How much of what to blend
      > into
      > this and so on... E-mail me on: mailto:han-ols@o... or reply to
      > the group.
      > Awaiting my mailbox to flow with tips and hints, I`ll start trying
      > and
      > absolutely failing.
      > Yours Sincerely,
      > Hans Yngvar Olsen
      > Oslo, Norway.
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