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Sönnen Marmor

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    http://python.konbib.nl/kb/100hoogte/hh-en/hh079-en.html One of the neatest virtual exhibits that I have seen is that of the impronouncable library in the
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      A Hundred Highlights from the Koninklijke Bibliotheek, nr. 79
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      79 Decorated paper

      Recipe book for decorated paper. Germany, late nineteenth century. Paper, 132 leaves, 179 x 112 mm. With samples.
      PC Des 3, fol. 73v-74r

      nr. 79 Few copies of autographic recipe books written by makers of decorated papers have, alas, been preserved. Those that have come down to us - books or notebooks - are invaluable as a source for historic research into the many practical aspects of making decorated paper, because of their formulae and other technical instructions. Actually, the information on the various materials mentioned in these documents also makes it possible to determine the particular provenance of certain papers.

      Although little is known about the origin of the manuscript reproduced here, it is assumed to have belonged to the Buntpapierfabrik in Aschaffenburg. The recipe book has been acquired for the paper-historical collection in 1977 together with other material from this paper factory as part of the extensive and valuable collection of decorated paper belonging to Dr G. Dessauer.

      The recipe book contains descriptions of different kinds of decorated paper, with pasted samples showing several variants for each kind. Especially marbled paper is elaborately discussed, like, for instance, ‘Leder-Marmor'' (16 samples), ‘Tieger-Marmor’ (32 samples), ‘Griechisch-Marmor’ (51 samples) and ‘Agath-Marmor’ (81 samples). The transcription of the ‘Tieger-marmor’ variant pages re- produced here reads as follows:

      13. Grün & rother Zug, schwarz Tieger auf Fleischfarb (mit etwas Flos im Gummy-Wasser).
      14. Rother Zug, violette Stein, schwarz Tieger auf weiss.
      15. Schwarz & gelber Zug, rothe Stein, schwarzer Tieger auf [?]
      16. Schwarz, grün & rother Zug; schwarz Tieger auf Leder.
      17.Schwarz Tieger auf weiss; Zusammensetzung ist die nämliche; ein wenig Flos ist im Wasser, welcher auch die Zerstückelung der Butzen hervorbringt.
      18. Grüner Zug, rothe Stein (mit mehr Oel) schwarzer Tieger auf rosa.
      19. Schwarz, gelb & rother Zug, schwarz Tieger auf Leder.
      20. Rother Zug (dick geworfen; schwarz Tieger auf Leder.
      21. Grün & rother Zug, schwarz Tieger auf Orange (die Potasche macht die Entwickelung der Strahlen).
      22. Schwarz, blau & oger Zug, schwarz Tieger auf Bremergrün.

      R.J. Wolfe. Marbled paper. Its history, techniques, and patterns. Philadelphia 1990.

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