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Re: [Marbling] conference memories

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  • del&maryStubbs
    ... Ceratinly Laura, and more. Here is the member login to the site
    Message 1 of 3 , Oct 10, 2002
      Laura Sims wrote:

      > Dear Del and Mary,
      > Would you be willing to put together a key for the 25
      > photos so people can put names to faces?...only if you
      > have time.

      Ceratinly Laura, and more. Here is the 'member login' to the site
      Hopefully anyone can just click it here and enter. Then put the word
      marbling on the member line and the word ebru on the password line
      This should give anyone total access to add names, commentary, or a few
      new pictures!
      (If adding pictures please be sure they are the smallest files possible
      because this free site has a fairly low limit on total pixels allowed.)
      When it does top out, no problem - it is quite easy for anyone to open
      another free site.
      Anyone feel free to link to it on their site, thanks, Del
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