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Reminder: 2002 International Marblers' Gathering: Images, Surfaces, and Devices

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  • Jake Benson
    Note: This is a re-posting of the original announcement from earlier this spring, with minor revisions. The planning committee for the next International
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      Note: This is a re-posting of the original announcement from earlier this
      spring, with minor revisions.

      The planning committee for the next International Marblers' Gathering:
      Images, Surfaces, and Devices is pleased to announce that registration for
      the conference is now available online. Currently we have 115 registrants
      signed up, but have room for over 150 people to attend. Please feel free to
      distribute this message to other internet lists interested in Papermaking,
      Paper History, Calligraphy, Printing, Arts of the Book, and Surface Design,
      and anyone you know who may be interested.

      The conference will be held September 4-7, 2002 at the Arrowmont School of
      Arts & Crafts in Gatlinburg, TN, in the scenic Smoky Mountains. For more
      information, please visit Arrowmont's web page:


      If you visit the Arrowmont Home Page, you can take a virtual tour of
      Arrowmont's campus, and investigate other programs and classes.

      or, to obtain promotional material, please write


      (I don't personally have promotional materials to send to anyone requesting
      them. Please direct such queries to this address).

      This year, we are excited to let you know that we have developed a new
      program format. Demonstrations will now be held in separate studios with
      smaller groups of participants moving in rotation, similar to the Guild of
      Book Workers Standards Seminars. Lectures will be held in Arrowmont's Main
      Auditorium with a large projection screen. A range of activities from
      historically focused lectures (particularly lectures concerning marbling in
      Asia, the early development of marbling in Europe, and marbling used in book
      making) as well as demonstrations of contemporary methods should enjoy wide
      appeal to anyone interested in marbling.

      This event will feature a juried exhibition, an exhibition of Presenters'
      work, a special tribute exhibition, and an exhibition of marbling tools and
      materials. In addition, a "Research & Development Studio" is planned where
      participants can try a variety of marbling supplies and methods throughout
      the duration of the conference. An auction will be held to help raise money
      for future gatherings, and to potentially establish a non-profit
      International Society of Marblers. A panel discussion on the last day will
      focus on establishing an organization and the development of an on-line
      magazine, as well as other web-based resources. We are accepting donations
      of supplies for the conference programs and R & D Studio (for example: paper
      and cloth suitable for marbling, colors, and various marbling sizes), and
      virtually anything that can be auctioned.

      Following is an overview of the program and presentations:


      September 4 - Wednesday

      * Registration: 1:00-7:00 PM
      * Gallery Opening & Reception: 5:30-8:00 PM
      * Welcome: 8:15 PM

      September 5 - Thursday

      * "Open Portfolio" ­ a day to buy, sell and trade
      * Evening Lecture

      September 6 - Friday

      * Studio Demonstrations and Lectures
      * Evening Lecture

      September 7 ­ Saturday

      * Studio Demonstrations and Lectures
      * Closing Remarks and Auction
      * Cookout Dinner Dance in The Great Smoky Mountains National Park


      Jake Benson

      * Demonstration: Historic Edge Marbling
      * Lecture: The Quest to Clarify a Cloudy History Through Database

      James Currier

      * Demonstration: Marbling on Ceramics: Flat and Thrown

      Marie-Ange Doizy

      * Lecture: Historical Contributions to Marbling in France
      * Demonstration: Paste Papers

      Milena Hughes

      * Lecture: Ten Thousand Images: A Short Journey Through Commercial
      * Demonstration: Marbling on Wood with Stains and Acrylics

      Tom Leech

      * Demonstration: "Intergrative Marbling": Combining Drawing, Painting and

      Gail McKenzie

      * Demonstration: Marbling for Wearables: Color Theory, Paint Properties
      and Pattern Choices

      Einen Miura

      * Lecture: The Making of Ink Sticks Used in Calligraphy and Suminagashi
      * Demonstration: Use of Ink Sticks for Calligraphy and Suminagashi

      Tini Miura

      * Lecture: The Use of Oleaugraphs in Bindings

      Diane Maurer-Mathison

      * Demonstration: Seeing Double: Double Image Suminagashi and Paste Papers

      Iris Nevins

      * Demonstration: Reproduction of Historical Patterns

      Feridun Özgören

      * Lecture: A Historical Perspective of the Ebrû Tradition: The
      Relationship Between My Paper Block-Out Stencils and Historical Artworks
      * Demonstration: Stencils and the Final Paint Application

      Marie Palowoda

      * Demonstration: Circle Images

      Nedim Sönmez

      * Lecture: Influence of Islamic Marbling on Early European Development
      * Demonstration: Traditional and Non-Traditional Images


      Jake Benson, Columbia, South Carolina, USA
      While studying Arabic at the American University in Cairo, Jake became
      enamored of Turkish ebrû marbling while visiting Istanbul in 1987. His
      focus is on the history and techniques of marbling in the Islamic World, and
      documentation of examples from various collections in the U.S. and Near
      East. In addition to making oversized papers used for bookbinding and
      restoration, he frequently lectures and gives workshops. Currently, Jake is
      developing a computer database of historic marbled papers as an educational
      resource and to promote further research.

      James Currier, Newport, Rhode Island, USA
      A bookbinder by profession, James started Liquid Sky Marbled Tile in 1988
      with his wife Kristyn Woodland, a tile maker. Employing the time honored
      tradition of trial and error (and hundreds of phone calls to Don Guyot); the
      mysteries of marbling on ceramics became manageable. Their tiles have found
      their way into bathrooms and kitchens around the country.

      Marie-Ange Doizy, Saint-Brice-sous-Forêt, France
      While studying bookbinding at Paule Ameline's studio in Paris, Marie-Ange
      discovered The Art of Marbling by Diderot et d'Alembert. Since that time she
      has published two books on the history and techniques of marbling, Le Papier
      Marbré, co-authored with Stéphane Ipert, and De la Dominoterie a la
      Marbrure: histoire des techniques traditionnelles de la décoràtion du
      papier. She has lectured and taught internationally for 21 years. In 1997
      and 1999, Marie-Ange had a unique experience in teaching marbling to the
      people of Mayotte in the Comore Islands off the coast of Africa.

      Milena Hughes, Evanston, Illinois, USA
      Milena has been professionally involved with the fine art and design
      industries for over 35 years. Her clients include Armstrong Flooring,
      Gilbert Paper Mills, Scott Paper Company and Schumacher Wallcoverings to
      name only a few. She has also done work for a number of international
      manufacturers. Her fine art encompasses lectures, demonstrations and
      teaching, as well as participation in national and international
      exhibitions. She has been featured in several television documentaries,
      design magazines and on National Public Radio.

      Tom Leech, Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA
      Tom is an artist, printer, papermaker, marbler, teacher and proprietor of
      Smokebrush Press. Tom has a Bachelors of Art degree from Aquinas College in
      Grand Rapids, Michigan, and graduate studies in sculpture. He has exhibited
      his work nationally and internationally and has work in many public and
      private collections. In an effort to research and revive the ancient art of
      hand papermaking in Tibet, Tom has co-founded Paper Road/Tibet. Until
      recently, he taught printmaking and marbling at Pikes Peak Community College
      in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

      Gail McKenzie, Leggett, California, USA
      In 1985 Gail was introduced to marbling. Her efforts led her to study
      surface design at Mendocino Junior College as she continued to experiment
      with marbling independently. Today she has a lovely line of silk accessories
      that can be found in distinguished galleries across the United States. She
      exhibits in several juried shows a year including the American Craft Council
      and Buyers Market of American Craft, where she has been a Niche finalist.
      Gail has participated in a number of invitational shows and has been
      published in DECOR magazine.

      Einen Miura, Tokyo, Japan
      What began as a childhood fascination with the Japanese version of marbled
      paper, Suminagashi, Einen has since acquired a number of old Japanese
      illustrated books. Between his earlier interests and marriage to Tini Miura,
      he has become an accomplished designer-binder in his own right. In addition,
      he has written The Art of Marbled Paper which draws from his extensive
      collection of more than 10,000 sheets of post eighteenth century marbled
      paper. After 15 years of research, Einen is writing a new book covering a
      span of 900 years of Japanese history, techniques and materials used on
      washi to enhance the background for calligraphy.

      Tini Miura, Tokyo, Japan
      After studying bookbinding in her native Germany, Tini was awarded the
      opportunity to continue her studies with master binder Hugo Peller of
      Switzerland and the famous Ecole Estienne, Paris, France. Since receiving
      her Master's degree in Stockholm, Sweden, in 1973, her work can be found in
      royal collections, museums, libraries and private homes throughout the
      world. Tini is an international teacher, lecturer and author. She is the
      president of Japan Bibliophile Binding Society and Executive Director of the
      American Academy of Bookbinding, Telluride, Colorado.

      Diane Maurer-Mathison, Spring Mills, Pennsylvania, USA
      Diane's marbled papers and art prints have been exhibited internationally
      and are included in museum and library collections worldwide. Book
      publishers, stationary companies and manufacturers, including Godiva
      Chocolates and Lenox China, have reproduced her designs. Diane is the author
      of nine books on decorative paper, including The Ultimate Marbling Handbook:
      A Guide to Basic and Advanced Techniques for Marbling Paper and Fabric.

      Iris Nevins, Johnsburg, New Jersey, USA
      Iris has been a professional marbler since 1978 and is an international
      supplier of restoration-style papers for hand bookbinders. In 1996 she
      became owner of the marbling supply company, Decorative Papers. She has
      written four instructional manuals on the art of marbling: Traditional
      Marbling; Fabric Marbling; 105 Helpful Marbling Hints; Varieties of Spanish
      Marbling and has published a reprint of James B. Nicholson's A Manual of The
      Art of Bookbinding. Iris has a regular column in The Guild of Bookworkers
      Newsletter. She teaches privately and at Peters Valley.

      Feridun Özgören, East Boston, Massachusetts, USA
      Feridun studied Ebru with Niyazi Sayin in Istanbul. His commitment to ebrû
      art and knowledge of Turkish culture has allowed him to lecture and teach
      workshops in many universities and cultural institutes in the United States
      and Turkey. He has contributed to an extensive list of books, articles and
      reviews, and has participated in a number of exhibitions throughout the
      United States and Turkey. In 2001, Feridun was honored by a private
      exhibition at Beit Al Qur'an, an Islamic Institute in Bahrain under the
      Patronage of Her Highness Sheikha Sabika Bint Ibrahim Al Khalifa, wife of
      the Amir of Bahrain.

      Marie Palowoda, Greeley, Colorado, USA
      Marie is an internationally recognized marbling artist and teacher known for
      her innovative work. Her work has been exhibited internationally and is
      owned by many private collectors including those in Switzerland, Denmark,
      Great Britain, Turkey and China. Marie has participated in numerous
      programs, as well as having work featured in several publications such as
      the Fourth International Marbler's Exhibition Catalog and The Ultimate
      Marbling Handbook.

      Nedim Sönmez, Tübingen, Germany
      While studying to be a schoolteacher in Edirne, Turkey, Nedim was introduced
      to traditional ebrû. Nedim moved to Germany in 1980 where he dedicated
      himself to the study of the marbling technique and its historical journey
      through Europe. Influenced by both the Turkish and the European traditions,
      he has exhibited his singular artwork in notable museums in Turkey, Germany
      and the United States. Nedim has published several articles and limited
      edition books and is the author of Ebrû: The Turkish Art of Marbling, and
      co-author with Ingrid Weimann of Christopher Weimann: A Tribute.

      For more information and conference registration, please visit Arrowmont's
      web page:


      Benson's Hand Bindery
      Fine Custom Bookbinding & Conservation
      Hand Marbled Papers
      1319 B Summerville Ave.
      Columbia S.C. 29201
      Phone: 803.799.1853

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