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Re: Jaguard paints

Hi! Which Jacquard paints - they make several. I use both Pro-chem and Goldens on my scarves, and usually iron everything (to impatient to let them cure).
Nov 20

Jaguard paints

I am working on methylcel and silk scarves and had a question about jacquard paints on silk.  I am currently using ProChem's paints and don't have to heat set
Nov 20

Re: Where can I study marbling/ebru/suminagashi?

Depending on where you are located, we also teach marbling classes at The Clearing, in private classes in Door County, and throughout the state of Wisconsin.
Nancy Akerly
Oct 28

Re: Where can I study marbling/ebru/suminagashi?

Hi, Griffin, Barb Scoog (http://www.barbskoog.com) occasionally teaches an online course. And you might also check out Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts or
Oct 28

Re: Where can I study marbling/ebru/suminagashi?

Griffin I would highly recommend Snow Farm in Western Mass where Dan and Regina StJohn teach marbling I believe a couple times a year. Check out Chena River
George Reynolds
Oct 28

Where can I study marbling/ebru/suminagashi?

I took up marbling as a hobby and quickly became infatuated by it. I recently moved to another country for a job opportunity but it's not working out exactly
Oct 27

Keelyn, methyl cell vs. carrageenan

Keelyn, better to start a new post when you change the subject, but I'll answer your question here to hope you see this reply. I use 3.5 TB per gal. of water
Oct 27

To George Reynolds

George, that final simile made me laugh out loud. Mind if I quote you at my next marbling class? A good reminder that there is great joy in the doing, not
Nancy Akerly
Oct 22

Re: Canson Mi Teintes problems

I've been using these papers for years and normally they work great. From time to time this will happen and I always assume that it was a paper that for some
George Reynolds
Oct 22

Canson Mi Teintes problems

Just trying these Canson papers for the first time. I alumed two sheets, one wine colored and one brown. They sat for a couple of hours, and then I marbled on
Oct 21

Re: Re[2]: [Marbling] new to marbling- the right paint for fabric

I'm in Brazil so I don't know if there is the same as here. I've found CMC 2000 better than 7000. I'm not sure what the numbers mean! De:
Lucila Nunes de Vargas
Oct 18

Re[2]: [Marbling] new to marbling- the right paint for fabric

I've used CMC F3H. That's what says on my receipt.  Don't know the designation or viscosity. This is many years ago, 1997 in fact. -- ... I've used CMC F3H.
Oct 18

Re: new to marbling- the right paint for fabric

hello there. would anyone know the viscosity of methyl cellulose, i am in australia and trying to find a supplier. i was told there are a few different types
keelyn cann
Oct 18

Re: new to marbling- the right paint for fabric

hi. yes mc just wrks better for me so iv gone back to using it. would you happen to know the viscosity of mc. iv been trying to find a supplier here in aus. i
Oct 15

Re: new to marbling- the right paint for fabric

Golden has a similar product called "retarder:" I think it is GAC 800, but not sure about the number. I have a bottle labeled "retarded, and bottles of the
Oct 12
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