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978Book Cover at te Bibliotéque Nationale de France

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  • Jake Benson
    Mar 1, 2002
      Hello to everyone. I came across this wonderful image of a a book cover in
      the Bibliotéque Nationale de France.


      It is very similar to a paper depicted in Albert Haemmerle's book Buntpapier
      and another example in the Nüsret Hepgül collection at the Süleymaniye
      Library in Istanbul. The caption says thhat it is late 18th century, so
      perhaps it's the work of Hatip Mehmed Effendi, a student, or just another
      craftsman working at the same time.... Note how the leather frames the
      board, in the binding style known as çaharkuse (from the persian Chahar
      Kosha- literally "Four- corner"). In this example even the flap is covered
      with the marbling on the outside (unfortunately not show), while the inside
      is lined with a bright purple paper.

      Perhaps they will mount other marbled images from their collelctions in the
      future. I hope so!

      Jake Benson

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