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950Over-aluming and newsprint

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  • jemiljan
    Feb 13, 2002
      --- In Marbling@y..., irisnevins <irisnevins@c...> wrote:
      > Hi Jake........if I get alum ruined size, if it isn't too bad you may
      > able to clean it off numerous times. Or toss it and start over.
      > I use aluminum sulphate and though standard measurement
      is one Tbs. to a
      > cup water, I use at least 2 cups of water with no decrease in
      efficacy. For
      > fabric I use 3 cups water.
      > If I marble paper with my acrylics (which I do not tend to
      > traditional looking enough) I generally do not need alum at all
      on most
      > papers, and also do not need to rinse. Wish it were possible
      with the
      > watercolors.
      > As for the paper, can you run it through a plain water bath or
      rinse them?
      > Iris Nevins
      > www.marblinpaper.com

      I have tried rinsing papers before, but a while ago, with different
      stock. Turned out that paper was having problems due to
      recycled contect and strange, inconsistent sizing. I'll try again
      and let you know.

      I have also found that spraying a little deionized (or distilled)
      water over the surface, before skimming seems to "clarify" the
      bath, though not completely. I did manage to catch the problem
      in time so it's not so bad- and can be "hidden" by doing shell
      spot patterns, so the white areas appear as veins.

      I use aluminum sulfate, which is an industrial grade that I get in
      25 lb buckets form McMaster -Carr. It is not as pure as some
      grades, so I started making up solution and letting it settle for
      some time, sediment collects at the bottom, clarifying the
      solution before use. I have been using 2 tbsp per quart of water.
      So it's the same as the 1 tbsp to 2 cups water. the thing is that if
      my "double strength " solution is causing so much trouble, then
      maybe it isn't just the alum. So I look to other sources...

      I have noticed a big difference in something so basic- the
      newspaper that I use for skimming. My local newspaper
      changed format a little while age. They went from using a larger
      sheet size, to a smaller sheet size to save money. Apparently
      many newspapers all over the country are doing this. Well, whn
      they changed, the new newspaper stock was TERRIBLE. It falls
      apart instantly. I need to use 2 sheets at a time just to be able to
      hold onto the paper (I should mention I'm working in a BIG [28" x
      95"] tray and skim with whole sheets of newspaper, not little
      strips as some do in smaller trays).

      I happen to have some "virgin" newsprint that I got from a paper
      distributor for wrapping, and using for "gluing out" in
      bookbinding. Now that's a nice sheet of newsprint! Seems to
      have more pulp, better pulp? better wet strength at least.
      Perhaps it has more "craft" content? I wonder if it may "absorb
      more" than my newspapers. Perhaps the newspapers are also
      adding pollution (since it disintegrates), rather than truly
      skimming. This is true both when the paper is "aged" for
      months, or fresh from the press. I usually let them "age" as they
      seem drier, and less likley to get black ink all over everything.

      Has anyone else noticed this problem with the newsprint? A
      paper anyone recommends? Printed on better stock than the
      South Carolina State Newpaper.... Maybe I should get the New
      York Times weekend? Do the tabloids- New York Post or the
      Boston Herald, even the National Enquirer have worthwhile

      On the other hand, there is another issue that I can think of too.
      many companies have converted to using "earth friendly" printing
      procedures. This includes using soy based inks, and using
      surfactant waterbased clean-up products that are designed for
      these "softer" inks (the "old way" was to use solvents). I know
      that for some (black and white) potions of the paper, they are
      using this, but still use the "toxic stuff" for the color printing. Am I
      putting soybean oil in my tray?!? I tried to getthe end of the roll
      from the printshop, and used that, but it still fell apart in the bath.

      I never thought I might have to BUY my newsprint for skimming...
      c'est la vie...

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