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  • del&maryStubbs
    Jan 26, 2002
      Hi Laura -

      A question - my husband and I are leaving for out of state for 10 days
      -this next week, so will likely be gone when the information for the
      conference comes. From your email below - even though you said that
      conference registration begins Feb. 21st - you also mentioned that
      on-line registration and prospectus will be up in about a week.....does
      this mean that on-line registrations could begin before Feb. 21? I
      wanted to be certain we were home when the registrations begin (or try
      to take care of it out of state, if necessary).

      I'm concerned that since there is only space for approx 190 participants
      - that registrations will be filled very fast - like the first morning
      or day....does it look like that's a possiblity?.... since this is an
      international conference with so many folks seeming interested? That's
      all for now - thanks for your replies - I know you must be very
      busy....Sincerely - Mary-Celine Stubbs

      Laura Sims wrote:

      > Hello all,
      > Good news, registration brochures are being printed as
      > we speak. Also, the web site should be up in another
      > week with online registration and a prospectus for the
      > juried exhibition. Just as a heads-up, slides for the
      > juried exhibition will be due April 25 and conference
      > registration begins Feb. 21.
      > Best to all,
      > Laura
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