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909Re: J-Lube as a size?

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  • ttbn55
    Dec 23, 2001
      A quick search yielded this source. I question whether a dollar a
      gallon for J-Lube size is going to beat carrageenan, though if it
      lasts longer it may be worth it. Since J-Lube is 75% dextrose (a
      sugar) I would expect it to spoil at room temperature. If you try
      it, please let us know how it goes.

      (new member)

      <<You can order it from a farm supply company called Nasco. The
      company's becoming aware that their product is not just being used
      for birthing calves these days, and are not yet sure how to react
      officially to that, but the people are friendly and polite.

      Free Phone Order Service Dial 1-800-558-9595
      FAX Orders 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week
      Order from the Address closest to you:
      Nasco - Fort Atkinson
      901 Janesville Ave.
      PO Box 901

      Fort Atkinson, WI 53538-0901
      Phone: (920) 563-2446
      Fax: (920) 563-8296

      Nasco - Modesto
      4825 Stoddard Road
      PO Box 3837
      Modesto, CA 95352-3837
      Fax: (209) 545-1669

      Nasco Catalog description of J-Lube:

      "A versatile, concentrated hand lubricant. Stir into water to form a
      mild, nonirritating lubricant great for obstetrical and palpating
      purposes. Ingredients: 25% polyethylene polymer and 75% dispersing
      agent [dextrose]. One 10 ounce plastic bottle with shaker top makes 6
      to 8 gallons of lubricant. Shipping weight 13 oz. Order number is
      CO8175N. Each: $9.00">>
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