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864Marblers Society

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  • Laura Sims
    Nov 12, 2001

      Dear All,

      This is a test run. I've just signed up with yahoo to see if my mail will go through better. The other messages about IMG 2002 can be accessed through the home page of Marbling@yahoogroups.com.

      The models of the woodturners and blacksmiths I gave in my previous email for a Marblers' Society are open to anyone who is interested. Regional chapters have formed, national and international bonds have been formed. Knowing a number of members and organizers in both of these groups is what inspired this notion of hosting a Gathering. I was tired of being jealous of what they have.

      Having an open group is incredibly enriching and provides a forum for historical and innovative development of the medium. Yall, the woodturners actually started their association at Arrowmont in the '70's. Now there are regularly scheduled conferences in the U.S.A. and the U.K. and last year or year before a much talked about one in a small village in France. They now have a full color magazine (started with a news letter) and many chapters. They were able to start by hooking up with an existing non-profit until they got their on 501-C3 non-profit status. 

      There is a possibility of having a sponsor organization in this area, but I do not want to pursue it if the group is not interested.  I was at San Francisco, but I had forgotten the nature of the brew-ha-ha.  I am so excited that there is some enthusiasm out there to develop this...it's got potential!!!

      Hope this email makes it.  Good to hear from some of you.

      Best, Laura


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