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  • IrisNevins
    Feb 18 5:26 AM
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      Hi Evi.....

      Marbling "inks" as people insist on calling them, are really paint,
      technically speaking, being pigment based. But people like to call them
      inks, so I accept either term when speaking to people.....after all we are
      talking about the same substance! It's just easier.

      When I used gouache years ago, I diluted the tube with 1 -2 cups of water.
      My own colors (to avoid the use of the terms paint or inks!) need no
      dilution, unless someone wants to use them thinner. Generally they are
      ready as-is. Colophon's colors, at least when Don was making them (I don't
      know if Nancy is using the same formulations, but I believe she is), come
      as a concentrate, and there should be directions on the jar. Basically, one
      thins them to the consistency they like.

      One big mistake people make is thinking that a thicker denser paint will
      give a brighter color. Not so , because, remember you are dealing with an
      important physical property.....specific gravity. The drops of paint must
      be LIGHTER in weight than the bath, or they will sink. The cadmiums, reds
      in particular (and yellow & orange to a lesser degree) are lead-based (not
      dangerous in the liquid form, but a danger when making the paint and
      breathing the pigment powders), and have a high specific gravity. That is
      why many people have the most trouble with reds. They use them densely,
      thinking they will get a deep red, but by the time they lay the paper, some
      of the color has started to sink a hair below the size surface and they
      come up with a dull liver color red. So with reds, proper dilution is
      extra-necessary. Adding a little more water in this case, gives a better

      So, to answer the question.....dilution of each color may be an individual
      process for each of them. Experiment until it works for you.

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