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  • evibol@hotmail.com
    Feb 18, 2000
      I think that Iris has explained in a most eloquent way why gouache doesn't
      always work with marbling.
      I have also been using Winsor & Newton colors, some with success some
      without. I have also used certain Talens gouache tubes and George Rowney
      watercolor paints i.e. transparent colors, which are not supposed to work
      for marbling, with success.
      As Iris pointed out, certain colors behaved
      beautifully and others either spread without control or sank or didn't let
      other colors spread nicely. Indeed, only
      by trial and error is it possible to find out what works and what doesn't.
      I haven't ever used marbling inks because I don't marble that often any
      more. Yet I would like to ask Iris how these inks are diluted to reach
      the right consistency. I know when gouache is OK because I have used it so
      many times, but I would like to buy marbling inks and try my luck with

      Evi Parissi
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