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  • Laura Sims
    Nov 3, 2001
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      Hello Everyone,
      I have a couple of things to pass on about the International Marblers' Gathering.  At the risk of sounding a bit dramatic I wanted to share some thoughts as we prepare for this event.   
      Last night a story teller friend reminded me of a folktale about a man being chased by a tiger.  In desperation he grabbed a vine by a cliff and jumped over the edge. As he desperately   clung to the vine with the tiger above and a deep ravine below, he was startled to see a rat chewing through the vine over his head.  In that moment he saw a ripe red strawberry before him, so... he picked it and savored the sweet taste. 
      In the midst of these troubling times as fear and mistrust are being perpetuated on a daily basis, I hope that we recognize the essence of each moment.  The Gathering is taking on more and more significance for me as preparations are being made to bring together so many creative individuals from around the world.  It will be rich. 
      Care is being taken to ensure that each person interested in the Gathering has the necessary information.  We are aware that everyone does not have email.  If you are a member of a chapter or organization that publishes a newsletter, please send the email and postal address of the newsletter to indigostone@....  If there is a magazine that would be appropriate for future publications covering the event please email me the information.
      The program brochure for the 2002 Gathering is being prepared.  It will be mailed the end of January.  If you have not registered your address with Marie Palowoda please do so,  marie@....  A while back she put the directory form on this site (I don't know the entry number).  Please get a print-out, complete it and send it to her if you have not already done so.  Registration will begin near the end of February.  There will be no early registrations.  However, there will be a website with online registration to assist the process.
      Since the timing of postal deliveries are more unpredictable now the Planning Board wants you to be aware that there will be a juried exhibition and that you do not have to be present at the Gathering to submit slides.  The exhibition prospectus will be in the brochure.  Up to 3 slides will be due in April 2002 for review, so please be thinking about what you want to submit.  The quality of the slides will be important.  Slides will be retained from accepted work to be used for articles covering the exhibit.  The exhibit will be at Arrowmont from August to early October.  Afterwards it will travel to Asheville to be exhibited at the Folk Art Center (Southern Highland Craft Guild) on the Blue Ridge Parkway October - January 26, 2003.  Items may be for sell (optional) at Arrowmont who will retain 25% of the sell.  We are negotiating with  the Folk Art Center now to see if sells will be possible there.  Please tell anyone that you think might be interested in applying.
      Also we now have an official airline and travel agency.  Delta will give a 5% discount for published round-trip fares and an additional 5% if reservations are made 60 or more days in advance.  There are other terms for the unrestricted round-trip flights.  Flights will be into the Knoxville airport.  You may contact Ashley Averitt at Council Travel by email aaveritt@... or phone: 865-974-9200.  If necessary you may contact Delta directly using the following identifier code: DMN182777A.  Registration for the Gathering will be on September 4 and good-byes will be on Sept. 8.  While budgeting for travel keep in mind that there is a transportation service available from Knoxville to Gatlinburg (45 minute ride) for $25 each way.  Some people may want to take advantage of Gatlinburg being just 2 hours from Asheville, North Carolina.  Asheville is a lovely little city in the mountains filled with interesting sights, turn-of-the-century architecture, exceptional galleries and shops of art and fine craft, good restaurants and diverse entertainment. 
      Best Regards,
      Laura Sims, Chairperson IMG 2002

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