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750Re: [Marbling] Carrageenan in Kansas City?

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  • Martha Johnson
    Sep 18, 2001
      Thanks for the info. I've been looking for cellulose wallpaper paste
      and can't find any that list ingredients. We've found starch-based
      wall sizing in powder form, and wallpaper adhesive in a paste/gel
      form. Neither one lists ingredients.We tried the wallpaper adhesive
      in the gel form, thinned with water. It was white, not clear, and
      seemed to lighten the colors. They did hold the pattern very well. It
      doesn't really smell very good, says it's non-toxic, yet recommends
      that you avoid contact with skin and eyes. So....

      Anyone tried either of these? Are these the same as cellulose
      wallpaper paste? The people at the paint store didn't know.

      I've ordered from the ones you mentioned, but was hoping to find
      something quicker without paying that overnight shipping! Was hoping
      Kansas City was large enough to have a hidden supply somewhere. Oh
      Thanks for the help and suggestions.

      On 9/18/01 at 5:32 PM -0400, on the subject of Re: [Marbling]
      Carrageenan in Kansas City?, Laura Sims's digits tickled the keyboard
      >Dear Erona,
      >An alternate methyl cellulose source is cellulose wallpaper paste.
      >The line quality isn't as quite as good, but it is available in some
      >hardware and paint stores. Call around. Otherwise, Iris Nevins or
      >Diane Maurer-Mathison or Colophon Book Arts can UPS or FedEx
      >carragheenan. You can find them in the archives or with the search
      >word suminagashi.
      >Best of Luck, Laura
      > >From: rowmo1@...
      > >Reply-To: Marbling@yahoogroups.com
      > >To: Marbling@yahoogroups.com
      > >Subject: [Marbling] Carrageenan in Kansas City?
      > >Date: Tue, 18 Sep 2001 19:22:36 -0000
      > >
      > >Hi all-
      > >I just joined this group and am looking forward to learning more about marb=
      > >ling.
      > >
      > >I'm in desperate need of a source for carrageenan in the Kansas City area. =
      > >I'm in the middle of a big project and would love to find
      >somewhere that sel=
      > >ls this stuff locally. Being in the middle of the country I'm
      >without sea sh=
      > >ore to go pick my own seaweed! ;-)
      > >
      > >Anyone know of a store/source for carrageenan or methylcel in driving dista=
      > >nce of Kansas City? Anybody ever tried using the heavy duty clear
      > >ng adhesive that comes in buckets? I'm getting desperate!!
      > >
      > >Thanks much for any help-
      > >EronÏ
      > >
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