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748Carrageenan in Kansas City?

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  • rowmo1@earthlink.net
    Sep 18, 2001
      Hi all-
      I just joined this group and am looking forward to learning more about marb=

      I'm in desperate need of a source for carrageenan in the Kansas City area. =
      I'm in the middle of a big project and would love to find somewhere that sel=
      ls this stuff locally. Being in the middle of the country I'm without sea sh=
      ore to go pick my own seaweed! ;-)

      Anyone know of a store/source for carrageenan or methylcel in driving dista=
      nce of Kansas City? Anybody ever tried using the heavy duty clear wallcoveri=
      ng adhesive that comes in buckets? I'm getting desperate!!

      Thanks much for any help-
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