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7478Re: [Marbling] Got carrageenan all set but paint mixing issue - kindly help!

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  • gretchen vansant
    Jun 6, 2014
      Everything  and room the same temperature,

       can you mix the paint with no oxgall then test as you add oxgall? 

       carrageenan thickness of milk?

      unfortunately using qxgall willy nilly will taint your vat rendering it useless

      last but not least.. distilled water used to mix carrageenan?
      my thoughts...

      On Jun 6, 2014, at 9:15 PM, Cécile Evers cecile.evers@... [Marbling] <Marbling@yahoogroups.com> wrote:

      Hello everyone,

      New marbler here! I would really appreciate any pointers. I took a 6-week Ebru class but it seems I have forgotten the proportions of pigment to water to oxgall because my paint is NOT floating very long on the surface of my carrageenan. I made my carrageenan water exactly 24 hours ago, so I don't think the issue is that it has been sitting for too long...

      The paints I bought (from Colophon books) are unlike the ones I was using in my marbling class in that they are liquid (in class we were using actual pigment). It says on the bottom to mix one part color to two parts clean water to one drop of oxgall. I followed these instructions, and yet, when I do the eyedropper test into the tray the circle spreads a little but eventually (10 seconds later) starts descending from its middle to the bottom of the tray. By the time I finished combing the surface, I could no longer see any pigment on the surface (much less on the paper) at all! 

      What am I doing wrong? More oxgall? More pigment? More water? What are the possible factors in how wrong this is going? I'v got my tray all set up, pigments, brushes, and all, but would really appreciate some guidance.

      Thanks much!!!!

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