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7469Re: [Marbling] About to Give Up On Paint!

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  • Michelle Herren
    May 17, 2014
      Thank you everyone for your warm replies!

      Two things stick out to me as possible problems: my size is too thick or too cold. I generally use it right out of the fridge. Guess I'll let it warm up from now on!  I make my carrageenan according to Galen Barry's recipe: 1 tbsp plus 1 tsp carrageenan per half gallon of water. I use distilled water to mix it. Perhaps I'll add some water to thin it out a bit. 

      I think it might be a problem with size simply because I'm having problems with certain paints (like blues and purples) no matter how much I've tried diluting them after my second "batch" of paint that's giving me so much trouble. And so many of you say you don't use dispersant at all, or very little. And I'm using huge amounts of it with no discernible difference. 

      Yes, I do skim before every print. I learned that the hard way when I was making paint the first time and kept testing the paint in the tank without skimming it for over an hour. When I went to go use the paint, it all sank!  It's been downhill for me ever since on the paint! (But then again, using it for over an hour meant it warmed up... So maybe that brings me back to the cold size)


      On May 17, 2014, at 12:26 PM, "Deluwiel Xox deluwiel1209@... [Marbling]" <Marbling@yahoogroups.com> wrote:


      oh Michelle - I'm so sorry you're having such trouble! Not being able to stand there and really see what's going on it's hard to say. My only suggestion right off the top of my head is to start with just a couple of colors trying different dilutions until you get those the way they need to be. That might give you a better guideline to know how to tackle the other colors.

      All I use is distilled water with Golden, Jacquard, the Spectralite colors, as well as the DecoArt So-Soft paints and mix to about the consistency of what I'd use for a wash to cover a canvas. I've had a number of the Jacquard airbrush colors from Dharma float nicely right out of the bottle. I don't use the AFR with my paints at all, just water. Obviously, make sure the paints are mixed really, really well. The only other thing that I can come up with off the top of my head is to check the thickness of your size. Maybe it's not the paints at all. If the size is too thick you might not get the spread though I'm not sure that the paint would sink in that case (anybody else confirm or deny?).

      Metallics can be very fussy. The Golden gold and silver are the two that I've found to work the very best. Jacquard airbrush metallics (they have metallic blue, red, and yellow that have some flecks of sparkle and are really pretty along with a couple of shades of gold, silver and copper) need some playing around with. Actually the copper I have never been able to get to float, even with the AFR.

      Not diluting the paint as much I don't think is going to make your colors any darker. As you know, the first couple of colors you put down will spread the most; the next layers will 'push' those colors a bit, compressing them and making them darker; the more paint you lay down the more vivid the colors will be and you'll get much brighter, crisper patterns.  (by the way: this is all based on my experience with fabric marbling).

      Good luck!


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