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  • Michelle Herren
    Apr 23, 2014
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      I uploaded a photo of what is going wrong. I use liquitex ink for my black, as it spreads really nice with only the addition of distilled water. But when I comb the stuff, this is what I get - big blotches of black! Should I use another product to dilute it, or should I skip it altogether? I have this ink in gold as well, and I don't encounter this problem.

      90% of the paint I use is Utrecht mixed with distilled water and GAC 900.

      Also, in the DVD mastering marbling, Peggy Skycraft mentions using GAC 100 to make her own paints from pigment powders such as pearled powders and pure pigment powders. Do any of you use this product? I picked some up at Aaron Brothers. I tried diluting some paint with it - is it made for this purpose, or not? Is there any other purpose for this besides creating acrylic paints? I have been to every fine art and craft store here in Las Vegas and I still can't find acrylic flow release or photo-flo!

      One last question: what dark colored paper do you use to print on? I just bought some strathmore artagain paper. It absorbs the alum very quickly, which is good, but it tends to curl up pretty bad in the carrageenan. If you could point me to a specific source or brand, that would be great!


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