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7429What to Sell?

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  • Michelle Herren
    Apr 21, 2014
      I'm starting to get the hang of this paper marbling, though I am nowhere near the level you nice people are! But now I have all of these 9x12 sheets of marbled paper, and nothing to do with it. Yes, I've made my own hardcover book showing my papers, but there's a problem with that: when making a book with marbled paper s, there's always the problem of seeing the backs of marbled paper! How do you avoid that, anyway?

      But my question is what could I make that I can sell and maybe earn a dollar or two and show my husband that this is more of an art than expensive materials and lots of paint! I've seen (in passing, I didn't stop to read it) that people marble wood and leather. But I'm looking at inexpensive items to make and sell. I have an Etsy store where I'm selling 36 laminated bookmarks for $5 each. I can make more hardbound books and sell those. Mattes for picture frames?

      If I do find some wood or leather to marble, any pointers? But mainly I'm looking for items I can sell

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